How to stop annoying YouTube recommendations on your profile

How to stop annoying YouTube recommendations on your profile

Youtube is known for posting video recommendations, but most of the time, these recommended videos do not please you at all. You see, YouTube people will love to believe that their algorithm is super smart, but it's far from the truth. We must say that the modern YouTube, in terms of features, is much better than its previous versions. Again, the old version had a simpler user interface and many users of that time will probably say it was better.

However, we can not minimize the importance of the recommended video section. Many times he shows videos that J & #39; I come and enjoy it, but for the majority of the videos presented, they were or not of my taste. If you have problems with this feature and prefer to get rid of it, or something else, We have had your back.

Stop or delete recommended videos on YouTube.

Are you bored by YouTube recommendation videos that do not recommend the content you want to see? With the help of these tips, you can remove the recommendations for YouTube videos and prevent them from displaying at the end of a video:

  1. Delete YouTube search history
  2. Delete monitoring history
  3. Remove videos recommended by YouTube with the help of the Chrome extension.

Let's see this in detail.

1) Delete YouTube search history

OK, deleting the search history will not delete the recommendations, but restores the default by default. Once this is done, the system will start again by trying to recommend the right videos based on the ones you have already searched for.

To delete the history, click on your user name, then select Your data from the menu. In Youtube. After that, click Manage your YouTube search history at any time, then delete, and that's it, buddy.

2) Delete the YouTube video viewing history

The next thing to do is to delete the history of the watch. To do this, simply click on your user name and then on Your data on YouTube, Manage your YouTube viewing history. In the left pane, click Remove Activity By, select All Time from the drop-down menu, and then click Delete.

Removing the history of the watch is very important because it contains no limit of scope. This means that if you created your YouTube account in 2009 and have never deleted your tracking history, all that data is still stored on YouTube servers.

3) Remove Videos recommended by YouTube using the Chrome extension

You are fed up with these crazy videos and you just want the look-alike aspect of the homepage to be gone. We understand your pain, so follow this guide and you go to be well after taking a nap.

First, you need to download Google Chrome or any Chrome-based web browser as the new Edge. After that, Download and install the extension called Remove YouTube recommended videos. This will remove the recommendation section of your home page.

That's it, go ahead and have a good day.

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