How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium (Windows and Mac)

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium (Windows and Mac)

Microsoft Edge Chromium can be significantly superior to its predecessor with better performance and wider cross-platform availability. But you can’t ignore the fact that there are other Chromium-based browsers that are way ahead in terms of polishing and functionality. After trying, you may wonder how to completely uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium from your PC or Mac.

If you don’t like Microsoft Edge Chromium, prefer another web browser or want to revert to the legacy version of Microsoft Edge, get rid of it. A full uninstall also helps you to resolve serious browser issues. So let’s see how you can do it.

But first, it’s worth taking a look at your browsing data – passwords and bookmarks in particular – and what you need to do to save them. If this is not relevant to you, please feel free to proceed to the actual uninstall process below.

Saving your navigation data

Are you signed in with a Microsoft account? If so, your data is securely stored in the cloud. And if you want to reinstall Microsoft Edge Chromium later, you will get all this data once you reconnect.

But before continuing and uninstalling the web browser, it’s worth taking a moment to go to Edge Settings> Profiles> Sync to verify that the types of browsing data you want to protect is actually set to sync with your Microsoft account.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 1

In cases where you don’t have a Microsoft account, your browsing data is always kept intact during the default uninstall process. Either way, setting up the browser to sync your data to the cloud is a much better way to protect your data.

Alternatively, you can choose to export your data to keep it – at least your bookmarks and passwords. This is ideal if you do not intend to create a Microsoft account or if you plan to migrate to another browser soon.

For bookmarks, go to the Edge menu> Favorites> Manage favorites, then click Export Favorites to generate an HTML file. Then importing them into any browser is quite easy. Just open the browser import tool (often found in browser settings), then choose the HTML file.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 2

To export your passwords, go to Edge Settings> Profiles> Passwords to generate a CSV file. But passwords are quite difficult to import into another browser. For example, Chrome only allows you to import passwords after you enable the experimental password import flag.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 3

Either way, having a CSV backup should be helpful. You can always choose to open it and manually view your list of passwords.

Note: At the time of writing, browsers such as Chrome and Firefox offer no way to import navigation data directly from the Chromium version of Edge.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium – Windows 10

Uninstalling Microsoft Edge Chromium from Windows 10 is quite easy. You can remove it like any other program on your PC. Uninstalling the browser will also bring back the legacy version of Edge. But don’t expect your browsing data to be present on the old browser.

Step 1: Open the Start menu, enter applications and features, and click Open.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 4

2nd step: Scroll through the Applications and Features list, select Microsoft Edge, and then click Uninstall. Click Uninstall again in the confirmation dialog.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 6

Step 3: Check the box next to “Also clear your browsing data?” if you plan to completely uninstall the browser and do not want to leave browsing data. Again, click Uninstall.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 17

And that’s all. You have finished. If you decided to keep your browsing data locally, but later changed your mind, start by navigating to the following location:


Copy and paste the path to the above file into the address bar of a File Explorer window. Just be sure to replace [username] with your Windows 10 user name. Press Enter to visit the location.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 9

Finally, right-click the folder called Edge, then click Delete to get rid of leftover Microsoft Edge Chromium. If your data is not synchronized with a Microsoft account or if you have not exported your bookmarks or passwords manually, you will permanently lose them.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium – macOS

Uninstalling Microsoft Edge Chromium on your Mac doesn’t take too much effort. Just put the program in the trash as you would any other program. But you may want to manually process a few remaining files and folders afterwards.

Step 1: Open Finder, then click Applications.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 18

2nd step: Find Microsoft Edge, right-click the icon, and then click Move to Trash.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 12

Step 3: Enter your macOS profile password, then click OK.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 13

This should remove Microsoft Edge Chromium from your Mac. However, there will still be files and folders on your Mac containing your browsing data and preferences.

If you also want to delete them, open Finder, click Go on the menu bar, and then click Go to Folder. Type ~ / Library, then click OK.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium 14

Once the Library folder appears on the screen, carefully delete the four folders and the PLIST file present in the following locations:

  • Library / Application Support / Microsoft Edge
  • Library / Caches / Microsoft Edge
  • Library / Status of the registered application /
  • Library / WebKit /
  • Library / Preferences /

To delete a folder or file, right-click the item, then click Move to Trash. Remember that you will permanently lose your navigation data if you have not synchronized it with a Microsoft account or exported it manually.

Smooth and borderless

As you have seen, removing Microsoft Edge Chromium from your PC or Mac is not the most difficult thing to do. Don’t forget to sync or export your browsing data if you’re looking for total deletion, and it should be fine.

So everything went well? And why did you decide to uninstall Microsoft Edge Chromium? Leave a comment and let us know.


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Last updated March 9, 2020

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