How to update to iPadOS 15 beta for the first time

How to Update to iPadOS 15

If you haven’t tried iPadOS 15 yet and want to pick it up until the public release, slated for this fall, you can upgrade to iPadOS 15 Beta now! To do this, you need to enroll your iPad in the Apple Beta software program, download the iPadOS 15 configuration profile, and finally install the public beta of the iPadOS 15.

Important: Before proceeding, please make a full backup of your iPad via iCloud or iTunes (Finder). It will allow you to downgrade to iPadOS 14 without losing your data and restore your iPad if there is any issue with the beta version.

How to update to iPadOS 15 beta

how to install the public beta of iPadOS 15

Check out our in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to register and update an iPad to the latest beta software:

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Do: IPads capable of running iPadOS 14 are also compatible with iPadOS 15!

Download the iPadOS 15 Beta Profile

how to download iPadOS 15 beta profile

  • Press on (direct link) to open the Apple Beta Software Program website in Safari on your iPad.
  • Log in or Register now with your Apple ID.
  • To select iPad 15 in the available beta software tabs.
  • Press on register your iPad, available in the To start section.
  • Go for Download profile, just below the Install profile paragraph.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and To allow the download.

How to install the iPadOS 15 beta profile

how to install iPadOS 15 beta profile

  • Open Settings and press Profile uploaded, available under your Apple ID.
  • Press on IOS 15 and iPadOS 15 beta software profile.
  • Go for To install. Faucet To install once more to confirm.
  • Faucet Restart now, to restart iPad and allow the profile to be properly saved.
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How to Update to the Public Beta of iPadOS 15

IPadOS 15 beta download

  • Unlock iPad with your Access code, open Settings and search General -> Software update.
  • Press on Download and install, once the software update screen asks you for iPadOS 15 Public Beta 6 (or any later version released along the way).
  • Provide your iPad password once again, To agree with the conditions of Apple and the download of the iPadOS 15 Beta begins.
  • Be patient until the download is complete and the software is ready for the update.
  • Faucet Install now when prompted. The iPadOS 15 update is verified and then deployed to your device.
  • A to restart marks the end of the process and you are prompted to try iPadOS 15. Enter your passcode and follow the onscreen setup steps. That’s it!

Have you successfully updated to iPadOS 15 Beta? Are you having problems? What are your first impressions ? Use the comments section and share your comments.

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