Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Data Shared with 3rd-Parties

instagram data sharing control
Clouds of privacy are constantly weighing on social media applications. Therefore, in order to make the user environment more secure, the photo sharing giant has adopted a series of measures. Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow you, the users, to manage various data shared by third-party applications. All this could be achieved from the application itself. Let's see this new feature in detail and see how this could be enabled.

Manage data sharing securely with Instagram

When connecting to a website or blog, you may have noticed an option to Connect with Instagram or Log in via Instagram. Even if you set up your profile, you would have allowed sites to access your name, profile picture, and so on. from Instagram. You grant these third-party websites access to your profiles, but you often forget to revoke their access. As a result, your Instagram details remain with these apps forever. To counter this, Instagram has added a new feature to improve the data shared with these third-party applications. In one blog article On October 15, Instagram said:

"We are introducing new features in the app to help you (the users) better control data shared with third parties via Instagram."

Let's see how to access this feature and whether it is really available to everyone or not. In addition, the steps below also apply to the Instagram Lite version.

Remove third-party services from Instagram

According to Instagram, the functionality of effective management of data shared with applications will be rolled out over a period of six months. However, I received the feature film the very day of its launch. You can also check whether the feature has been enabled or not. If it has been enabled on your Instagram account, delete the desired third-party services by following the instructions below. Apart from that, there are 5 Instagram tips and tricks that you should know.

  1. Head to your Instagram app and go to your profile section.
  2. Press the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines at the top right) and select the Settings option. It would be
  3. Go now to security section and press Applications and websites. There you will find two sections:
    • Active: It contains the apps and websites you've recently connected to (or shared your information) with Instagram. It's this section on Instagram that displays the name and description of the applications with which your data is shared.
    • Expired: It contains a list of the allowed applications that have expired. They may still have access to information that you have shared, but the ability to request additional permissions for your account information has expired.applications and website
  4. We are interested here in the old. Therefore, head to the active tongue.
  5. Now in the application list, just press Remove next to the application whose access you want to revoke. A detailed description of each of these applications can also be found under the application name.delete instagram data
  6. After you press Delete, a confirmation dialog box appears. Again, press Remove. This third party service will no longer have access to your Instagram account.

Other updates

allow instagram data

Apart from Instagram offering the functionality to efficiently manage your shared data, it has also introduced a updated authorization screen. This list lists all the information that the third party requests to access. You can take it on the lines of the Play Store. Each time you install a store application, it displays all the different types of application permissions required by the application. Likewise, if you connect to a website through Instagram, it lists all the permissions required by the application. You will also have the option to activate or revoke access to any service directly from this screen.

Thus, Instagram providing a platform to efficiently manage data shared with third-party services is indeed a useful feature. However, keep this in mind. By revoking access, this prevents applications from further collecting your Instagram data in the future. But this feature will have no effect on data already collected before you revoke access.

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