Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

In this blog post we will tell you about Kaspersky Internet Security free and Kaspersky Internet Security. The article shows you the importance of mobile security and Android security for your Android device or Android phone.

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Android security – to protect your devices, information and identity

When it comes to viruses, internet attacks, identity theft, and criminals trying to steal bank or MasterCard data, your smartphone and pill are even as vulnerable as your computer. Plus, today’s compact mobile devices are easy to lose and which thieves can focus on – there’s a greater risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Kaspersky net Security for Android offers the latest mobile security technologies from Kaspersky Lab, as well as superior anti-theft protection and robot anti-virus. This is the single, easy-to-use resolution that is optimized to protect every Android robot smartphone and tablet from internet security threats with nominal impact on the performance of your devices.

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security for Android - Free download

Protect your information and identity with:

  • Anti-malware protection – with the latest robot antivirus technologies from Kaspersky
  • Web protection – against internet-based attacks and phishing websites
  • Anti-theft protection – with remote access to special security features of your missing device
  • Privacy protection – to manage what others will see or access after getting your smartphone
  • Call and text filter – so your smartphone only receives the calls and text messages you want to receive
  • Offer antivirus protection to robots … and much more
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With 99% of all mobile malware specifically targeting robotic devices, you want to confirm that your smartphones and tablets are protected by effective robotic security. Kaspersky net Security for Robot provides:

    • FREE Protection *:
      • Protects your smartphones and tablets against viruses, Trojans, worms, spam, spyware and many more (via manual scan)
      • Provides OTA (over-the-air) updates for the Kaspersky robot anti-virus database
    • PREMIUM Protection ** – includes all free protection features and further enhanced anti-malware features:
      • Automatically scans the apps you transfer from the Marketplace – to make sure they aren’t infected with viruses, worms, Trojans, or other malware
      • Responds quickly to new and growing threats – leverages real-time, cloud-ready protection technology

Defend yourself against Internet security threats (PREMIUM version only **)

Whether you are using a companion robot pill or an Android smartphone to access the net, you want to confirm that you are protected against web-based security risks. that’s why Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes technologies that:

    • Block dangerous and malicious websites – as well as dishonorable and phishing websites that try to steal your money or identity
    • Inspect all URLs inside the text messages you receive on your robot smartphone – to allow you to recognize whether or not they are malicious or not
    • Protect your information if your robot is lost or taken (FREE *)
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Because mobile devices are so simply lost or stolen, you need to make sure that sensitive information kept on your Android smartphone is protected. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android secures your data by:

      • Block access to your missing robot smartphone or tablet – and jointly find its position using GPS, Wi-Fi and Google Maps
      • Activate remote cleaning of your missing smartphone or tablet – this will erase personal data from your device
      • Provide remote activation of an alarm that will sound on your mobile device – until the alarm is deactivated with your passcode
      • Help spot unauthorized users of your robot smartphone or tablet – by taking their picture and provoking it to you
      • Enabling remote access to block, erase and search functions on your missing robot smartphone – although the SIM card has been changed
      • Provide remote anti-theft internet management – so you’ll simply communicate with your missing device

Filter calls and SMS on robot smartphones (FREE *)

As most mobile device users experience unwanted and annoying inbound communications, Kaspersky net Security saves you time and effort by:

      • Block unwanted calls and texts from unknown numbers
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Protect your privacy on your smartphone (PREMIUM version only **)

Because you don’t always need people who get your phone to access details about your non-public communications, Kaspersky net Security for Android allows you to:

      • Control what people can see – and what they will access – after holding or using your robot smartphone
      • Hide contacts, calls, text messages and logs – with just the push of a button

Preserve a large part of the performance of your robotic device (FREE *)

Strong security doesn’t hurt the performance of your devices – that’s why Kaspersky net Security for Android:

      • Minimizes the impact on the performance of your smartphone or Android pill – by providing frequent small updates
      • Help maintain performance and improve ease of use – through the associated optimized product interface

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