Make Incoming Calls Appear in Mini Pop-Up on One UI 2.0

It is never a good idea to let incoming calls hijack the entire screen. It gets even more irritating when you’re busy using another app. Fortunately, Samsung noted this and introduced the ability to let calls appear in context maps in One UI. Although this is indeed a good initiative, there is always room for improvement. In One UI 2.0, this section has undergone another redesign that now shows incoming calls in context-sensitive mini-maps on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Do you want to know how it could be done? Well, here are the steps required. Before that, you can also check out the steps to turn off advice notifications in One UI 2.0.

Display incoming calls in a mini pop-up

Enabling this feature will show incoming calls in less intrusive context maps rather than covering your entire One UI 2.0 screen. In addition, there is also an option to apply the same set of rules to calls after taking them. Here is what needs to be done. On the other hand, if you’re late Gmail notifications on your Samsung One UI 2.0, then check out these Gmail notification fixes.

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Steps to follow

  1. Meet at Phone on your Samsung devices.
  2. Tap the overflow icon located at the top right.
    phone settings
  3. To select settings and under Call settings and watch out for Call display when using apps option.
  4. In this context, you will have the choice between three options Full screen, Appear and Mini Pop-up. Select the latter so that incoming calls appear in the context maps.
  5. In addition, just below, you will find another option called Keep the calls in the pop-up window. If you activate it, after taking the calls, they will always remain in the popup screen, rather than in the full screen by default.
    pop-up calls
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That’s it. These are the short and quick steps to let incoming calls appear in the context mini-maps on One UI 2.0. This is indeed a very advantageous feature introduced by Samsung in its latest iteration of One UI. What is your opinion on that? Is full screen calling always your choice, since it offers all the options at once? Or are you pretty good with the new, less intrusive pop-up cards? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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