How To Make Whatsapp Service Free For Lifetime – 2016

WhatsApp Messenger application is the most popular and widely used on smartphones. WhatsApp is highly downloadable mobile application. Each Internet user prefer to use messaging applications like WhatsApp instead of sms. The number of best messaging applications for Android. But of all the WhatsApp become the most popular platform. Even we can download WhatsApp on PC. But largely WhatsApp is used to send SMS to mobile. We can easily share files on WhatsApp and not texting and calling with our contacts. But to discuss our contacts must have WhatsApp too. WhatsApp Messenger is Facebook’s products. But the most common questions that are now in the trend for WhatsApp is it annual subscription. We all know WhatsApp service for lifetime are not available. WhatsApp provide 1 year subscription as we buy pay $ 1 for each year of service charges.

WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited messages, image sharing, videos, audios and other files you want. As already said WhatsApp subscription is free for 1 year. Then we have to pay small amount to continue using the service. But the most common users are facing many reasons is that they are not able to pay the WhatsApp service fee for the issuance or other payment method. Many young children also use WhatsApp, but they have no way to pay. Even their parents do not therefore use WhatsApp. Make these many reasons why they will not be able to take advantage of WhatsApp. Do not worry here little solution for those guys to WhatsApp free for life. You just have to follow these steps to make the data WhatsApp life service for free without paying any money.

How To Make Whatsapp Service Free For Lifetime

Important Update: – WhatsApp recently announced that they are making WhatsApp service free for life for all users and also it will remain ad free messenger. So now you do not need to follow a particular task. If you want to confirm your WhatsApp service is free for life or not, you can check the payment information options.

If you currently use WhatsApp on your device, your free service period should be ongoing. As you can check your current subscription period as follows.

  • Open your WhatsApp account and go to Settings >> tab then Account tab >> Information payment.check-whatsapp-service-lifetime-periodNow look to your expiration time operating current period. If yours is a specific date, it means he lives. If shown life, then you should worry about anything. As you can see below the WhatsApp service life capture of my account screen.
  • If the subscription WhatsApp is currently not life, then do not worry. You just need to follow these small delicate methods.
  • First, you must understand how WhatsApp works from the time of service.
  • WhatsApp Service award on mobile digital subscription. This means that if one mobile number is considered as one account. But the subscription period depends on the mobile IMEI number or other words device to the unit.
  • Now to make your WhatsApp service free for particular mobile phone number. You need to organize cool feature where WhatsApp is never installed. Because you can use your parents, relatives, etc. who use the Internet or do not have an interest in WhatsApp. Just ask them to give your device for 5-10 min.
  • Then you must uninstall WhatsApp account using that particular mobile number XXXXX WhatsApp you make free life.
  • After uninstalling the previous device. Download WhatsApp cool feature you borrow. Then, to activate the subscription using your mobile phone number XXXXX current that you want to do life.
  • After checking the laptop then check your current service period of time in the payment information. Then 1 year period of service, hope should be increased.
  • If it not works then try on other devices. Follow this process on 3.4 devices when your period WhatsApp automatically becomes life period.

Note – especially on changes MI appliances to make the subscription to life WhatsApp service is more than any other as Samsung or iPhone.

PS: – I know that $ 0.99 is small amount of bits and everyone can easily afford. So if you are not interested in doing. Then his own business. Our goal is to help those who can not afford, who are facing problem while paying online. Or young guys who do not able to use and many other reasons.

I think this method to render service to the life of WhatsApp for free that is useful for you. I hope it works very well because I tested this manual method to WhatsApp free for life. But one way if its not working then I recommend you to pay service charges to support developers. But if you do not do able to pay, then take the help of someone who knows more about Internet use you pay for you.
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