Microsoft Word opens files in Read-only mode in Windows 10

Microsoft Word opens files in Read-only mode in Windows 10

Office applications like Word periodically, and sometimes, without a user’s consent, convert a file to “Read only mode during use. The default change of state can be inconvenient because the mode does not allow any modification. However, you can fix this, here’s how!

Word opens documents in read-only mode

Aside from you, if someone else has access to your PC, it is likely that he / she accidentally or deliberately locked it to prevent anyone from making changes to the contents of a file. If Microsoft Word documents open in read-only mode on your Windows 10 PC, here are the steps to fix the problem, you can remove read-only mode in Word by following these methods:

  1. Disable editing restrictions
  2. Uncheck “Open attachments to emails and other non-editable files in read mode”.
  3. Editing the properties of a Word file
  4. Disable viewing pane in file explorer.

Let’s cover the methods described above in a little detail.

1]Disable editing restrictions

Open the Word document for read-only.

Go to ‘Review“And under this one look for the option that reads”Restrict editing“.

Click on the tab. Then, in the new pane that opens, find the ‘Stop protection‘button. It should be visible at the bottom of the pane. Push the button.

When prompted for the password, ask the person who set it up to provide it.

Enter the password to remove the read-only mode.

2]Uncheck “Open attachments to emails and other non-editable files in read mode”

Sometimes when you receive a Word file as an attachment and try to open it for editing, you can’t do it because it opens in “Read Only” mode.

Open the Word file on your computer. Click the ‘File“And go to”The options“.

In the Word Options window that opens, switch to the ‘General’In the left sidebar.

Word opens documents in read-only mode

Then in the right pane, scroll down and find the option that reads like “Open attachments and other non-editable files in read mode“.

Uncheck the box marked against the option and press the “OK” button to save the changes.

Below, all Word files that you receive as attachments should now open in normal mode, allowing you to edit them as you wish.

3]Edit Word file properties

Right-click on the Word document which opens only in “Read only” mode and select “properties“.

Uncheck the box marked “Read only“.

4]Disable the preview pane in file explorer

It has helped some. See if it helps you; otherwise reverse the changes.

Go to the “This PC” section and click on the “ViewThe “tab.

Now just select the option that says “Preview pane»In the Shutters section. This will deactivate the shutter if it was activated before.

That’s it!

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