Missing From Apple’s iPhone 13 Event

Missing from Apple's iPhone 13 event

A lot was rumored or possible at Apple’s September event, but a lot did not emerge at the time of the show.

Missing from Apple’s iPhone 13 event

IPhone 13 lacks 5 useful features you can get on Android phones - CNET

A new internal chip design could have allowed for a more compact form factor and possibly improved connectivity.

We hope to see new Cupertino brand buds soon.

A rugged Apple Watch

As rugged as it is, the Apple Watch isn’t the smartwatch for maximum durability – its glass intentionally sticks out, and even the metal case is prone to scratches during activities such as weightlifting. and shower with, if you plan to dive or swim for a long time, you want a waterproof case

One of the floating names is Explorer Edition. In fact, it could still be a prospect and would be a logical development of the watch. While Apple initially tried to make the watch a fashion item, it even sold gold models for prices over $ 10,000. He soon realized that the health and fitness market was a better target, hence Nike spin-offs and a growing list of sensors. Some people are no doubt willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice style for function.

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New Macs

Apple plans to ship updated Macs in late 2021. It regularly updates Macs in the fall, and several models are believed to be in the works, such as redesigned MacBook Pros and a faster Mac mini with the iMac 24. inches switched to Apple Silicon earlier this year, meaning the 27-inch model will follow.

Apple will most likely launch new Macs in October, either through a press release or at a separate event. This is supported not only by previous versions, but also by the fact that no date has been set for macOS Monterey for September 14th. – Apple will have to disclose this information at some point and tends to release Macs with a new operating system in the fall.

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A redesigned Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 has a few notable design changes, like a bigger screen, thinner bezels, and smoother, more rounded corners, but it’s not the visual makeover people were hoping for. Leaks indicated the Series 7 would move to flattened sides, which would make it more compliant with newer iPhones and iPads. Maybe you were bothered by production issues; After all, Series 7 doesn’t even have a release date.

From a distance, it is possible that one day Apple will release a rounded watch, similar to the wearables from Samsung and Garmin. The company has filed several related patent applications, and many people find the rounded dials more attractive. However, this would require reformatting watchOS. , and there are other areas that Apple would probably prefer to invest in. People find rounded dials more attractive. However, that would require reformatting watchOS, and there are other areas where Apple would probably prefer to invest. In that direction, after making numerous hires and associated acquisitions, he even used an invitation from AR to push the event on Tuesday.

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reports have revealed that any dedicated AR product will wait until at least 2022, so at best Apple could have offered an early preview, both for developers and the public. by imitators, which is why Apple will likely keep the project black for as long as possible.

A satellite compatible iPhone

Finally, a late rumor was that the iPhone 13 would support satellite calling, if only in certain markets and only as an emergency backup.

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