Port Forwarding explained. How to forward Ports?

The IP address alone is not sufficient to provide information to a computer. How does the computer network know what to do with information? This is determined by the port number to which the information packet is sent. This message explains what Port forwarding; and how do you forward the ports. What is port forwarding? […]

How to use the new Network Sniffer Tool PktMon.exe in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers an integrated network sniffer tool – PktMon.exe – to monitor internal packet propagation and packet loss reports. This tool can help you snoop around. The network and helps you resolve the cause of network latency, identify impacted applications and, when used with an additional set of tools, can provide an overview of […]

How to create Network shares in Windows 10

Network sharing is a feature that allows you to share resources such as files, documents, folders, media, etc. on a network. These resources are made available to other users / computers over a network. In this article, we will describe how you can activate a user account to create network shares in Windows 10. Network […]

8 Best Fixes for Android Wi-Fi Stuck on Obtaining IP Address Issue

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network on an Android phone or tablet is easy on a normal day. Other times it is a Herculean task. If your phone is not connecting to a Wi-Fi network because it is blocked in the “Obtaining IP address” step, then something is wrong. Generally, it is safe to assume that […]

Top 7 Ways to Fix Android Wi-Fi Not Turning On

It’s frustrating when your smartphone starts to behave badly when you need it most. And we have all been there. This time, I was trying to connect to the Internet, but the Wi-Fi on my Android phone just didn’t work. I mean, Wi-Fi is on, but turns off almost immediately. Interestingly (or unfortunately, rather), I […]

What is a Computer Network? Different types of Computer Networks explained

What is a computer network? This is not a question you hear regularly, but it is important nonetheless. Without computer networks, the Internet would not be as efficient as it is today, so with that in mind, we decided to explain what a network is, to beginners, as well as different types of networks. Not […]

How to secure Border Gateway Protocol and avoid malicious sites?

Border Gateway Protocol or BGP, for short, help chart the route for data packets so that packets can be delivered using as few nodes as possible. The nodes here refer to autonomous networks which all come together to create a vast Internet. What is the Border Gateway Protocol Image courtesy: Cloudflare When I was in […]

Cannot see other computers on your network in Windows 10

When you’re connected to a network, to view other computers on your network in Windows 10, you need to turn on network discovery. Likewise, to view the shared file, you must activate the file sharing function. In this article, we will share how you can see other computers on the network in Windows 10. Cannot […]

7 Ways to Reduce How Much Data Your Windows 10 PC Uses

A Windows 10 PC connected to the Internet helps you get the most out of your computer. However, it comes at a cost because Windows 10 is naturally quite a data-intensive operating system. If you are using a limited or capped data plan to access the Internet on your PC, you will want to monitor […]

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