How to add Video and Audio files to Microsoft Sway

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It does not seem possible to automatically play music in the background when viewing the entire Sway. However, the Microsoft service allows you to add audio cards containing specific audio files. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the method for add media files in Microsoft Sway.

Add video and audio files to Microsoft Sway

In addition to adding audio files to Sway In several common audio formats (such as .mp3 and .wav), you can record audio and upload it to Sway. Either way, you can get the result you want and give your audience an even richer multimedia experience.

  1. Click on Insert content button.
  2. Switch to Media tongue.
  3. To choose audio and add an audio file.
  4. To add an audio recording, click on Record on the audio card.
  5. Record the audio in Sway.
  6. Add video files to Sway.
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Here is the detailed description of the above steps.

Add audio to Sway

Open your Sway content presentation and click “Insert content‘button.

Switch to ‘Media“And select”audio»In the list of options displayed.

Now click on the ‘Add audio file»To search for the audio clip on your device.

Wait for the audio file to be processed and added to Sway.

Similar to audio files, audio recordings can enhance your Sway experience. This can make the presentation more interactive and attractive.

Record audio in Sway

To record audio, click “Record’(Microphone icon) on the audio card.

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After a three-second countdown, the flashing button appears. This indicates that you are saving.

Click the flashing button when you have finished recording and press the “to play»To preview your recording.

If you are satisfied with your registration, select “Add to Sway»Or choose«Re-register“To start recording again. You can delete your recording by clicking on the “Trash can

Add video files to Sway

As seen above, you can choose to add video files to Microsoft Sway.

Click on ‘Insert content“And select”MediaThe “tab.

From the list of options displayed, choose “Video

In the Suggested window, choose ‘My deviceAnd go to the location of the file on your device and select it.

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Wait for the file to be processed and successfully added to Sway.

That’s it!

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