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Wu10Man review

Are you bothered having to perform forced automatic updates on Windows 10, often at the most inappropriate times? So, Wu10man might just be the solution for you. It is a Windows 10 update manager and an open source tool that prevents automatic Windows 10 updates from taking place without your active consent. The software does this by configuring Group Policy, disabling certain services, and blocking URLs.

Wu10Man stops automatic Windows updates

How it works

Using Wu10Man is fairly straightforward. He doesn’t need a lot of learning. It works as follows:

  1. Group Policy Configuration
  2. Disable services
  3. Block URLs
  4. Pause Windows updates.

You will need administrator access to run this application, when you write to the registry, modify the services, and modify the Hosts file. But once you have such access, you can stop automatic updates on your system via one of the following options:

1]Group Policy Configuration

The most important feature of this tool is the ability to turn off Windows 10 services that send you routine updates, such as Windows Update Service, Windows Module Installer, and Windows Medical Service. Update. And just in case Windows reactivates it, a useful tip is that you can also rename a service file after deactivating it via this application. From now on, the configuration of the group policy is possible via four options:

  • Activate automatic updates,
  • Disable automatic updates,
  • Download and installation notification, and
  • Automatic download – Installation notification.

2]Disable services

As in the old version of Windows, this option allows you to disable automatic updates. It manages this by allowing you to simply download updates and then receive notifications before any installation. In fact, this is not a new feature, it simply uses a feature that has already been integrated into Windows. This is why it works on versions of Windows that support the Pause / Delay option.

3]Block URLs

Block URLs

Wu10Man identified several URLs already blocked by the tool. Additionally, users can also include additional URLs to this list to keep unwanted system updates at bay. These can even be defined individually or in groups.

4]Pause Windows Updates

Pause updates

Let’s say you want to block Windows updates for a set period of time instead of permanently blocking them. Wu10Man allows you to block both feature updates and quality updates for a predefined period.

Declutter Windows installation


Windows systems come with many applications preinstalled. Lately Windows has been trying to keep default apps to the minimum set, however you may still not be able to use most of them. However, the presence of these excess applications will weigh down your system and affect its performance. In such a case, you can deactivate them using Wu10Man.

Although it is still the best solution for those trying to suspend automatic updates on Windows 10, the tool is not without drawbacks. For example, the Group Policy Editor is not yet available to Windows 10 Home users. Yet despite this, it is not surprising that anything that can stop the constant flow of automatic updates is gaining popularity. You can download this amazing software from GitHub.

Wu10Man review

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