Free tools to manage your massive Video Game backlog

Video games are pretty fun and for many players, they have a lot of games in their backlog. It is very difficult to finish all of these games, but if you are one of the millions of people who spend time at home, you may need help managing all of these games. Manage the video […]

Best free Online Games for kids to play without downloading anything

Children need to play a lot to drain their energy. However, since everything is online, so are the games. This is the list of the best free online games for kids to play without downloading anything. The best part about online kids games is that they save download time and you won’t need to use […]

Free multiplayer games for Windows 10 PC to play with friends from home

Whether you’re stuck at home because of a lockout or an introvert in general, this list of free online multiplayer games for PC to play with friends from home will come in handy. We have covered adapted online multiplayer games of different genres. Free multiplayer games for Windows 10 The world is evolving online and […]

Can’t open the Microsoft Solitaire collection in Windows 10

In those days of working from home, after Movies and TV showsPC games are the only means of some entertainment. Since many of us don’t have high-end machines, we end up playing pre-installed games. But what happens when our most loved and most played Microsoft Solitaire game stops working? Today we will learn how to […]

Top 10 Best Graphics Android Games in 2020

Our list of the 10 best graphics games for Android There are great games on Android and we are going to take a look at the best of them. Which Android games have the best graphics? This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many. However, from a graphical point of view, […]

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently

PUBG is super popular for its fantastic gameplay. However, it is also known to cause behavior change, social isolation, rabies problems and various health problems. So, is the game at fault? or is it the player? If you ask us, we will tell you that any situation in a negative shade can be attributed to […]

How to Solve Excessive Heating Issues during Smartphone Gaming Sessions

Almost a decade ago, when we were talking about playing games, PCs and laptops would be the primary way for everyone to get into the game. Sure, there were Xbox and Playstation, but they are entirely different. Today, with the advancement of smartphone technology, we can make intense games on any smartphone. Previously, only limited […]

Best HTML5 browser games now that Adobe Flash is dead

Adobe Flash is dead! Long life HTML5 and everything that has to come after. Now, with the death of Adobe Flash, many web browser video games are also unreadable, and this could be a problem for some users on the Internet. The question, then, what can we do if we feel the need to play […]

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