Top 11 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Print Not Working or Responding Error

Top 11 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Print Not Working or Responding Error
Microsoft Word continues to be one of the best and most used word processors in the world of personal computing. Especially for users of the Windows operating system. Although it works surprisingly well for most users, you can deal with occasional hiccups, as with any application or program. Some Windows 10 users have complained that Microsoft Word printing was not working or even a response error.

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This could be due to several reasons, as we will see later. The good news is that the error is not very complicated nor difficult. This is one of those mistakes often made, but relatively easy to solve.

Let's start.

1. Restart, all

Here is a simple but effective trick. Restart your computer as well as the printer. Throw a router into the mix too. This will not only free up a lot of resources, such as RAM and processor, but will also fix some common bottlenecks that might prevent Word from printing the document.

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Do not forget to save all your work and close all open applications and windows before following this step.

2. Check the printer

Make sure the printer is turned on and everything is properly connected. This means that there is no loose thread. All lights are active. The paper should not be jammed or stuck. Remove any folded or curled paper to prevent additional jams.

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Here are some of the most common reasons why Word printing does not work or does not respond. It's also a good time to clean everything up, as dust or dead insects could build up over time. The dead insect incident occurred with my friend. Ruined some of the papers too.

3. Check Wi-Fi, USB, Internet

Is your printer displayed as offline? Microsoft has a guide to changing the status of the printer from offline to online. Check the router and the Wi-Fi connection to make sure everything is working as it should. Also check that the USB cables are working properly. If you are using a wireless printer, is it within range? Check and recheck everything before trying to print this Word document again.

7. Troubleshoot a printer

Windows 10 comes with a troubleshooting option. You can use it to resolve and resolve errors with integrated applications and services, including printers. Press the Windows key + I shortcut to open Settings and look for "Find and fix printing problems".

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Click Advanced here to select Apply repairs automatically and select Next. The system will now look for known issues and apply a solution, if any. Follow the instructions on the screen after that.

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8. Disable printing in the background

Open the Word file and click Options on the File menu.

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You will need to disable the Print in Background option on the Advanced tab here. Save the changes and try if Word prints or not.

9. Updating the drivers

Locate and open the Device Manager, and then double-click the Printer option to expand it. Right-click the name of the printer to select the driver update option.

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Your computer will check for and install driver updates, if any. You can also visit the manufacturer's website to download and install the latest version.

10. Previous versions of Windows

If you use anything other than Windows 10, you can troubleshoot Word-related printing failure problems.

11. Print in clean mode or safe mode

It is possible that a software or application conflict prevents Word from printing the document. You can follow our guide to restart your Windows computer in Safe Mode or Clean Mode. Restart your computer in both modes, one at a time, and if the print command works in a Word document.

Save paper, save trees

Why not save the document online and share it directly using cloud storage? This will save a lot of time, resources and trees. If necessary, one of the above solutions should have worked for you. If you have found another way to solve the printing error in Word, share it with us below.

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