Twitter replaces ‘Favorites’ with ‘Likes’

Twitter replaces ‘Favorites’ with ‘Likes’


It was being talked about for quite some time and has now finally happened. #Twitter has officially removed the Favorites button from its web and mobile apps, replacing it with the more universally acclaimed ‘Hearts’ icon. This is something that will be used on #Vine as well, which is a service owned by Twitter.

The change might take some time to reflect all across the board, but for the most part, we can confirm that the heart has officially replaced the favorite button.

The microblogging site has seen a lot of change over the past few years, while retweets and favorites have been integral to Twitter. The platform has seen the addition of content like video and photos over the years and this can be considered a desperate attempt by the makers of Twitter to reconnect with new and young audiences.

What do you make of this new change? Did you prefer favorites over hearts?

Source: Twitter Blog

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