UtlWin helps you easily switch between multiple tasks on your Windows computer

UtlWin helps you easily switch between multiple tasks on your Windows computer

If you are someone who juggles multiple tasks on your computer at all times and need a desktop manager that helps you manage your windows better, UltWin might be the tool for you. It is a free window manager that lets you view and manage multiple windows on your desktop, easily rearranging them. Although there are other tools available to help you do this, UltWin automatically adapts to the Windows environment.

Switch between multiple tasks with UtlWin

If you need reasons to love the UtlWin app, these are:

An interactive interface: The tool gives you an interactive scalable view of your desktop. This means that while you are working, you can move, resize and bring a window up as needed. Such functionality results in the ability to interact with the interface, to manage it in real time, even when working on the mini-windows of your desktop.

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UltWin review

Compliance of several monitors: In addition to an interactive interface that allows you to manage windows on your desktop, UltWin also allows you to manage windows on a desktop from several monitoring systems. In doing so, it actually creates an extended desktop and a virtual screen that works with up to three monitors.

Integration with Windows taskbar: UltWin integrates with the Windows taskbar. So although it integrates with your software, it is as easy to access and run as any other program on your computer. In fact, just click on the tool icon and all of your mini-windows will appear.

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Easy to use: The interactive nature of the tool and the ease of access make it easy to use. The highly intuitive user interface and process flow means that even users who aren’t technologically savvy can adapt to it easily. From installation to deployment and adoption, ease of use remains one of the defining features of UltWin.

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A light tool: Most importantly, UltWin does not interfere with the graphical user interface of compatible applications and Windows 10 applications. It is a lightweight application that easily integrates into the Windows taskbar and does not interfere with the operation of other applications.

Although there are several third-party desktop managers on the market today, in my opinion, the interactive and easy-to-use interface of UltWin combined with its lightweight scalable software gives it a distinct advantage. In addition, its high compatibility with Windows software makes it particularly suitable for a Windows environment.

You can download ULTWin software from here.

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