What are Metered and Unmetered WiFi Networks on Android

metered and unmetered wifi network
You may have already seen the Measured and Unmeasured Connections option buried deep within the Wi-Fi settings of your Android device. But do you know its features or at least, do you understand the difference between measured and unmeasured WiFi networks? Few people seem to have a good idea of ​​this. And if you are one of them, do not forget to consult this detailed guide. This could be considered one of the most important features of the Wi-Fi domain that many people have no idea. To dispel all these doubts, go to the section below. However, if you have doubts about mobile networks, check or compare the 4G and 5G networks.

WiFi networks measured and unmeasured

Let's see what are exactly measured and unmeasured connections. The measured connections can be considered as a limited network limiting the amount of data transfer. While a connection without counter allows a free flow of data. By default, not all Wi-Fi networks on your device are measured. And mobile connections are most often measured.

This is the reason why you can not perform data-intensive tasks such as background synchronization continues. In addition, the Data Saver mode has a considerable impact on all measured connections, which further limits its usability. But this has no impact as such on an unmeasured connection (WiFi).

Configuration of WiFi measured or not on Android

So, will there be a need to go to the meter with a connection without a meter? Well, it depends on an individual basis. If you use an unlimited network plan, you probably would not need this feature. But people who have a capped Wireless plan, should definitely consider this option.

Let's see how to enable this feature. The procedure for changing the network settings for them to be measured or unmeasured is different on Android 9.0 Pie and on previous versions of Android. Keeping this in mind, the instructions are divided into two different sections.

On Android 9.0 Pie devices

  1. Meeting on Settings and navigate to Network and Internet.
  2. Press on Wireless and then on the WiFi network, you are connected to. However, if you are having trouble activating the WIFi, check out the method to resolve WiFi connection issues on Android devices.
  3. From the different options available, press Advanced.
  4. More options will now appear. Just below the Security option you will see the Account option. It will be set to Detect automatically by default.measured connection
  5. To change its current status, tap Account and select Treat as measured. The selected network will now be treated as measured against the previous unmeasured connection.

On Android 8.0 Oreo or earlier versions

dosed connection oreo

  1. Move towards Settings and go to Wireless and network section.
  2. Search the The data use option. Below, scroll the screen to the bottom and select Network restrictions.
  3. Find the WiFi network whose data you want to limit and switch to the switch next to that network.
  4. That's it. You have successfully changed the required Wi-Fi network status to Metered from Unmetered connection.

Measured and unmeasured mobile networks

In the case of mobile networks, you will not find a method directly for measured / unmeasured connections. Nevertheless, there are various methods to limit the amount of data. This procedure will usually be necessary if you have configured a portable access point using your data pack. Most data packs have a limited volume, beyond which fees may be charged. So, to limit the shared data, follow the instructions below.

Restrict data on Android devices

  1. Assuming your data is turned on, go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network & l & #39; Internet and press The use of data.
  3. Now, press the Data warning and limit option and toggles on the switch next to Set the data limit.limit data
  4. in the Limit the use of data dialog box that appears, press D & #39; agreement. Not explicitly, but in fact, we are doing the same thing as changing a network so that it is measured from an unmeasured connection by enabling this feature.
  5. Finally, enter the maximum amount of data in MB or GB that you want to use / share with others. Press on Together once you have entered the data limit.set the data limit
  6. You can also set a data warning. This will warn you when the data consumption reaches the limit mentioned above. To do this, activate the button next to Set the data warning and enter the required data into the Data warning option.

We therefore conclude the guide on WiFi networks measured and unmeasured on Android. Let us know what you think of this feature in the comments section below.

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