What Happens When You Uninstall Instagram From Your Phone

What Happens When You Uninstall Instagram From Your Phone

When we think of uninstalling an application like Instagram from our phone, it makes our spine tremble. The dark thoughts of losing subscribers, messages, messages, etc. do not allow us to uninstall the application. But is uninstalling the Instagram app so bad? Find out the answer in this article where we learn what happens when you uninstall Instagram from Android or iPhone.

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Uninstalling the Instagram app is one of the best ways to resolve issues. But many Instagram users fear to uninstall the app. We present this message to help you make the right decision as to whether or not to uninstall the app.

You will learn about the consequences of uninstalling Instagram from your phone. Let’s start.

Deleting Instagram App Deletes Your Account

No. Uninstalling or removing the app will not permanently delete your account. This will simply delete the app from your phone.

Can people still see your Instagram profile

Yes. Your profile is still available on Instagram. People can search for it and view it.

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What happens to published articles and stories

Nothing. Messages will continue to stay on your profile. If you have a private account, only your subscribers will be able to see them. But, if you have a public account, everyone can see them. Likewise, if you recently published a story, it will stay for 24 hours and then disappear like a normal story.

What happens to the projects

Your drafts will be deleted when you uninstall the Instagram app. You must either publish them before uninstalling the application, or save them on your phone.

Can people still follow or unsubscribe

Yes. Since your Instagram profile exists for everyone, people can follow you or unsubscribe.

Pro tip: Did you know you can remove someone from your Instagram subscriber list? Find out how and what happens when you delete a subscriber.

Will you lose subscribers

Nope. Uninstalling the app does not affect your Instagram subscriber list. You will not lose any subscriber by uninstalling the app, unless the subscribers decide to unsubscribe.

What happens to the archives and highlights

Everything you archive on Instagram is linked to your account. So, unless you delete your Instagram account, your archived articles and stories are safe. When you reinstall the app, you will be able to access your archived data. Likewise, uninstalling the Instagram app will not change the highlights. They will remain on your profile.

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Will recorded messages be deleted

Saved publications are the collections we create for future use. What would be their advantage if you couldn’t access it on other devices? So, luckily, saved messages are not deleted by uninstalling the app. You can always keep an eye on those beautiful dresses that you have added to your saved messages after you reinstall the app.

What happens to new and old messages

We are happy to say that nothing will happen to your messages. Your old messages will continue to stay in your Instagram inbox. And, people can also send you a message, but you won’t be notified. It is only when you reinstall the app or log in from another device that you will see the messages.

If a message disappears after reinstalling the application, this is not the consequence of uninstalling the application. The person could have removed it using the Unsend feature on Instagram. Check out similar cool tips related to Instagram posts.

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Can people tag you

Yes. Other Instagram users can still tag you in their stories and posts. Follow our guide if you ever decide to get rid of your Instagram photos.

Are your likes or comments deleted

No. The likes or comments you made on other profiles or those that were made on your profile will remain unchanged when you uninstall the app.

What happens to notifications

As is obvious, you will not receive any notification for any activity on your Instagram profile. You can say that one of the main side effects of uninstalling the application is not receiving notifications. If you reinstall the app, all missed notifications will appear. If you don’t receive notifications after reinstalling the app, learn how to fix the Instagram notification issue that isn’t working.

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Will your friends know that you are uninstalling Instagram

Not really. If someone is close to you, they may notice that you are not active on Instagram. However, there is no direct way to know when someone is uninstalling the application.


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Last updated March 21, 2020

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