What is 408 Request Timeout error and How to fix it?

What is 408 Request Timeout error and How to fix it?

It seems that you have met 408 Application deadline error on your computer and now you are constantly looking for its effective solution. Well, after reading this article, your destination may end up. The 408 Request Timeout error occurs when the request for a web page takes longer than it should be taken. Here are some things you can try.

What is 408 Request Timeout Error

This error is an HTTP status code that mainly occurs when the request for a web page takes longer than it should be taken. This happens either because of a slow Internet connection or because of the use of an incorrect URL when loading a web page.

This suggests that the active server is not getting enough requests from the client within the server time limit. In this way, the connection between the server and the website is broken and results in a timeout error of 408 requests.

  • Request expiration time
  • 408 Request expiration time
  • Request expired
  • HTTP Error 408 – Request timeout

How To Fix 408 Request Timeout Error

4xx errors are often treated as client side errors. Thus, for the end user, it becomes quite difficult to find the exact reason for this HTTP error code.

In this guide, we have explained all the effective methods that can help you get rid of it. So, as an end user, try these suggestions to fix the problem.

  1. Check for errors in the URL
  2. Check your internet connection
  3. Reload web page
  4. Disable your browser extension
  5. Try again after a while

Let’s see them in detail:

1]Check for errors in the URL

As mentioned earlier, these types of errors can usually occur due to the use of an incorrect URL. Therefore, to resolve this problem, you must first make sure that the URL you are using is correct.

2]Check your internet connection

A slow Internet connection or a network outage is also one of the main causes of the 408 Request Timeout error. To be clear, open any other web page and check your Internet connection if it is working properly.

If the real culprit is related to your Internet connection, the request may take some time. And therefore, if the server timeout value exceeds, then it becomes the cause of the error.

3]Reload web page

Sometimes this error occurs temporarily and can only be corrected by reloading the web page. To reload the web page, you must use the shortcut key Ctrl + F5 (or F5). It depends on the variant of your device.

To reload your web page, you can also use the reload button which is available near your browser’s address bar. It certainly doesn’t resolve the error, but since it only takes a short time, you can try it out.

4]Disable your browser extension

Using an outdated and incompatible browser extension can also cause the 408 Request Timeout error. To try this out, disable your browser extensions for a while, then see if that fixes the problem.

If it works, do the extension one by one and determine which specific extension was responsible for this error code. Once you find it, check if it is compatible with your browser.

5]Try again after a while

If none of the above solutions work and you still persist in the 408 Request Timeout error, wait a moment and then try to access the web page again.

I hope you find this article useful.

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