What Is Screen Time Passcode and How to Secure iPhone With It

What Is Screen Time Passcode and How to Secure iPhone With It

Apple has officially announced the Screen Time function for iPhone with iOS 12. Screen Time informs you about the time spent on applications or types of applications. You can also see the time your kids spend on apps, websites, etc., if you manage their devices. Based on this data, you can set a time limit for use, set communication limits for a specific contact, exclude certain applications and contacts from the limitations, and more. You must use the Screen Time Code option to secure the screen time settings.

I Phone Screen Time Passcode

The Screen Time function works on all devices using the same iCloud account. For example, if you have set a time limit for the PUBG game on iPhone and iPad, the screen time calculates one hour total for the two devices connected with a single iCloud account. To understand how the screen time access code works, you need to check all screen time functions and adjust them accordingly. After that, you can change them, secure the settings and remove the time limit in some scenarios using the Screen Time Passcode. Here’s how.

Screen time functions

Break time

Downtime allows you to set a schedule for time away from the screen. During downtime, only the apps you choose to allow and phone calls will be available.


You can customize the days and add a duration for downtime. I mainly keep it from 1:00 am to 6:00 am and only allow essential applications such as Phone, Messages, FaceTime and WhatsApp.

Application limits

You can set time limits for a specific category or application. Apple classifies applications in social networks, games, entertainment, creativity, education, productivity, health and reading. You can also set a limit for specific websites.

Application limit

Choose the applications to limit on the iPhone

I limited my use of the game for an hour for a day using the Screen Time function.

Communication limits

You can also set a communication limit for the contact. Apple also allows you to set communication limits during downtime. Unfortunately, this will not work with third-party applications. The limit only applies to phones, FaceTime and Messages.

Communication limit

As I mentioned, by default, all data is shared between Apple devices using the same iCloud / Apple ID. You can also deactivate the option.

Now that you have set everything in the Time menu on the screen, you want to secure it with a password so that a stranger or your child does not take care of it. And this is where the Screen Time Passcode comes in.

Follow the steps below to correctly configure the screen access code.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

2nd step: Go to Screen Time and select the Set up Screen Time Passcode option.

Step 3: Add a four-digit access code and confirm it again.

Use the access code on the screen

Set screen time password

Step 4: Check yourself with the Apple ID credentials. This step allows you to reset the Apple ID password in case you forget it.

Retrieving the screen time password

Where can you use the screen access code

You cannot use Screen Time Passcode to unlock the iPhone. The screen time access code is only used to make changes to the screen time menu.

In the scenarios below, the iOS system will ask for the screen access code for verification.

  • When you try to change downtime or completely disable the option
  • When you try to change the application limit time from the Screen time option
  • When you want to turn off the Share screen devices option
  • When a user wants to change the communication limits

Screen time limit

These scenarios are related to changing / modifying screen time options from the Settings application. The system will ask for the screen access code when you try to extend the time for a specific application or game.

Suppose you added a one hour delay for PUBG. Now, after an hour, the application icon will be grayed out. If you still try to open the game, the system will ask for an access code on the screen before you can play the game.

Use screen time access code with family sharing

Family sharing allows up to six family members to easily share purchases from the App Store and Apple subscriptions, including an iCloud storage plan, and more, all without sharing an Apple ID. It includes the ability to set up an Apple ID for kids, set remote permissions with Screen Time, and approve spending and downloads from a parent’s device.

To configure screen time for family, you can open the Settings application and go to Screen time> Configure screen time for family. The system will ask you to add your child’s Apple account to the device.

Configure the screen time family

Screen time family

Delete screen time access code

You can remove Screen Time Passcode after a certain time. People usually remove it after selling the device. To delete the Screen Time access code, you can open the Settings application on the iPhone and access the Screen Time menu.

Change screen time password

Deactivate the access code on the screen

Now tap on Change screen access code and select the option Disable screen access code. Authenticate with the screen time access code and it will delete the access code.

Secure your iPhone

Apple’s Screen Time feature is feature-rich and provides better controls for managing your device and your little ones. You will not want anyone to change the settings. Use Screen Time Passcode to secure settings and extend the application time limit.


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Last updated on June 10, 2020

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