Where do Windows 10 Camera app & Photos app save Pictures and Videos?

Where do Windows 10 Camera app & Photos app save Pictures and Videos?

Windows 10 has a Camera App as well as a Photos App. Here is what happens when the user takes pictures and videos with the camera on his Windows 10 device, the pictures are not saved in the Photos folder and the same goes for the pictures. recording videos because you will not find them in the Videos folder. . They are saved in a subfolder! Since we are taking full advantage of the Windows 10 Camera application for some time, we can share the location where the content is saved and how to access it.

As for the Windows 10 Photos application, it's the same. Some things might not be saved where you expected them, and we'll talk a little bit about it.

How to find photos and videos taken with the Windows 10 Camera application

The location of the Windows 10 Camera application to save photos and videos is not a difficult task.

The application automatically creates a folder called Photographic filmand that's where all the photos and videos taken are stored.

To get there, launch File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in the taskbar, then scroll down to Picturesand from there, open Photographic film to see all your pictures.

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2) Remove the link from the Pictures folder in OneDrive

If you use the pre-installed onedrive tool to sync your content to the cloud, we might have some problems because we have come to realize that the Photographic film folder is not always found in Pictures, which is the official folder for OneDrive images, not the one in Windows 10.

Keep in mind that if you enable OneDrive, things will probably not work the same way when it comes to folders. Therefore, we suggest following these steps.

If you prefer this to be normal, the best solution is to ungroup the Pictures folder. To do this, launch onedrive, then select the Account tongue. From there, click Choose folders, find the Images folder and ungroup it.

The Normal Pictures folder should immediately appear with the Camera Roll section in it.

3) Change the location of the camera application registration

Where does the Windows 10 Camera & amp; Photos app save pictures and videos?

If you wish to continue using the OneDrive Pictures folder by default, we suggest you change the location where the Windows 10 Camera application saves your photos and videos. You can do it in different ways. Let's discuss.

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The easiest way is to launch the Camera app and then click the button Speed ​​settings icon at the top left. Scroll down the list and select the option that says, Change where pictures and videos or recorded. A new window should open immediately. When this happens, go to the Photos & Videos section and select the location where you want to save the new content.

You can also click on the button Windows key + I turn on Settings app, then go to System> Storage> Change Location of Registration of New Content.

Where is the content of the Windows 10 application store

By default, the Windows Photos application stores images and videos in the Photos folder. However, you can save the content where you want if the Photos folder does not suit you, especially when editing a video.

In addition, the Photos application is not only a change of content, it also allows users to view all their favorite images and videos. It comes with a feature that allows it to view all the images stored on your computer, but in the first place, these folders must be linked.

To a link, a new folder to the Windows 10 Photos application, launch the program, then launch the Settings zone by clicking on the icon with the three dots and then click Settings. From there, select Add folders under sourcesand wait for the software to add all the images and videos from the newly added folder.

This should do the business very well. Also note that users can view the contents of their OneDrive images folder. Go to Settings again, and scroll down to the section that says Microsoft OneDrive and do your thing.

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