Windows Update status Pending install or download, Initializing, Downloading, Installing, Awaiting install

windows update status pedning install

Sometimes you will find that Windows 10 is stuck and Windows Update status is displayed as a pending, download, initialization, download, installation, or pending installation. This article explains the meaning of these terms. If you encounter this problem, here is what you can do to solve it.

All steps of Windows Update have a status. Although they can display under normal circumstances, they are displayed when the update process is blocked. This may be due to the settings of the computer or the choice of users. These are the Windows Update status types that you can see:

  1. Download pending
  2. downloading
  3. Waiting for installation
  4. Waiting for installation
  5. initialization
  6. Installation

1) Status of Windows Update Pending download

Windows Update status Waiting to download

What this means:

Windows 10 now offers to inform the user that an update is available for your computer. Unless it is a critical security update, the update will not be downloaded.

How to solve the problem:

You must manually click the download button to start downloading the updates.

However, if you want to replace the automatic download by Windows and you want Windows to do one of the following, you can configure your Group Policy settings:

Configure Windows Update Download Notification

Choose the second option so that the download can take place in the background and you are notified of its installation.

The setting also prompts you to schedule the installation day and the time of finalization of the installation. You can also choose to install a particular day, which allows you to update some days when you have no work.

There is an additional reason that could cause this – Measured connection. If you are connected to a broadband connection marked as a measured connection, the update will not be downloaded. However, the problem of the connection to the meter will be clearly mentioned. Here's how to change the state of the measured connection.

2) Download the Windows Update Status

Windows Update blocked during download

What this means:

This means that it means that it is connected to the Windows Update servers and starts the download, but if it gets stuck for a long time, regardless of the percentage, we have a problem. Updates do not usually take a long time to download, but may get stuck if there is a problem with the software update folders on your computer or the Windows Update service.

How to solve the problem:

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to resolve these download status issues. Read it please. You will need to restart the Windows Update service, the BITS service, and clear the contents of the Software Distribution folder. You will also need to configure the TrustedInstaller service correctly.

3) Status of Windows Update Waiting for Installation

What this means:

Windows has finished downloading the update and is waiting for it to install. There may be several reasons why an update goes to the pending stage.

  • A manual restart is required
  • Active hours
  • Group Policy Settings

How to solve the problem:

It is easy to solve this problem. The first option is to install the update manually. Just restart your computer to do it.

The second is a classic scenario. If you turn off your computer during active hours, updates will never be installed. So, either you change Active Hours or you install it manually.

The third uses Group Policy Setting – Allow immediate installation of automatic updates.

Allow immediate installation of automatic updates

  • Type gpedit.msc open the Group Policy Editor.
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update
  • Allow localization strategy Automatic updates immediate installation.
  • Double-click to open it, then enable it.

When the status is set to On, automatic updates install these updates immediately after they are downloaded and ready to be installed.

You will need to make sure that you configure the Automatic Updates policy and keep it enabled. We talked about it in the point above.

4) Status of Windows Update Waiting for Installation

Windows Update pending installation

What this means:

This means that he is waiting for a specific condition to fulfill. This may be due to the fact that an update is pending, or that the computer is active, or that a restart is required.

How to solve the problem:

If the update stays there for several days, you need a patch. Try the following

  • Check if another update is pending. If so, install it first.
  • Check if the status stays the same by disabling Active Hours
  • Restart the Windows Update service. In the command prompt, type
  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.

5) Initializing the status of Windows Update

What this means:

This means that the Windows Update process is preparing to install the update and prepare for the prerequisites. This can include checking storage space, dependent files, and so on.

How to solve the problem:

If the status of the update is still being initialized for a few days, follow these tips to resolve the error.

  • Restart Windows, and then restart the Windows Update service as explained above.
  • Open the Windows settings and navigate to Update & Security> Troubleshooting> Windows Update. perform
  • Run the SFC and DISM command to correct any corruption.
  • Delete the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders. The download will start again when you do it.

6) Installing Windows Update Status

What this means:

This means that all preparations have been made and that the Windows Update system is installing the update. You should see a progress bar with a percentage.

How to solve the problem:

If the status is installed for a long time, you can not do anything except:

  • Delete the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders. Restart the computer and the download of the update will start again.
  • Restart the Windows Update, BITS, and CryptSvc services by running the following commands in the same order.
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net stop cryptSvc
    • net stop bits
    • net stop msiserver
    • net start wuauserv
    • net start cryptSvc
    • net start bits
    • net start msiserver
  • Manually reset the Windows Update components.

We hope this message clarifies the meaning of the terms. If you are facing a specific error, just search for the error message or code here on this site.

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