Xbox One keeps turning itself Off or On

Xbox One keeps turning itself Off or On

Your Xbox One Turned off all by yourself, and you wonder what's going on ?! That should not happen at all, though, it's a problem. You might wonder if you are to be hacked. Well, no, but at the same time, you can never exclude anything nowadays. Although we are certain that your Xbox One is not interfered With external forces, we think that some of the things we are going to discuss below are probably the cause, so test them until you meet the one that solves your apparent problem.

Xbox One does not stop shutting down

Problems with Xbox One have been common since its release. Therefore, we now have a broader idea of ​​how to solve many problems. If your Xbox One turns off or on continuously, these tips will definitely help you:

  1. Clean the capacitive power button
  2. Check Kinect Settings
  3. Disable Instant on
  4. Disable HDMI-CEC.

Let's take a look at the suggestions in the details.

1) Clean the capacitive power button

This is where Microsoft made sure to add a capacitive power button to the Xbox One, which augurs badly every time. You see, because debris could be the cause, so use a soft cloth and clean it.

Make sure the console is plugged out of the wall before attempting to clean the button.

2) Kinect, the culprit?

If you're one of the few people who still use a Kinect camera with Xbox One, chances are that's the problem. By pronouncing the word, Xbox Off or Xbox On, the camera turns off or automatically turns on your console.

Voice orders are not perfect; Therefore, pronouncing simple words can cause Kinect to turn off your Xbox One. In this case, we will have to make some adjustments to the camera, so keep going.

To turn off the feature, go to Settings> Power & Start> Power & Start Mode. From there, be sure to turn off Wake the Xbox by saying "Hey Cortana, Xbox enabled." This should do the business.

3) Disable Instant on

WWe must admit; Instant On is one of the most interesting features that Microsoft has added to Xbox One. When this feature is enabled, the console enters the standby state, which means that his very easy to do and run again because it was not really off in the first place.

Disable it by going to Settings> Power & Startup> Power & Startup Mode, and then select Power Mode. From there, change Instant Sure to the energy economy, and you are good to go.

4) Disable HDMI-CEC

For those who do not know, there are TVs on the market that, once turned on, will automatically start your Xbox One, and this is not always ideal. Now this is due to a feature called HDMI-CEC. We therefore advise you to set the parameters of your TV and deactivate it until you need it again.

Good luck.

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