How to Hide and Unhide Apps in Samsung Phones

Previously, you had to root your Samsung phone to hide apps. Now it is possible without doing it. You don’t even need to install a third party to hide apps on your Samsung phone when the feature is built in. Wondering how to hide apps on your Samsung Galaxy handsets like S, Note, M and […]

What Is Nearby Share on Android and How to Use It

Say goodbye to sending files via email or messaging to make them available on your secondary Android phone. You can use nearby sharing for this. Whether you want to share files between your phones or someone else’s, nearby sharing will work for phones kept nearby. Without getting you more excited, let’s dive into the world […]

3 Best Ways to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote

There are many reasons why you would want to convert PowerPoint presentation to Keynote format. Maybe you intend to send a PPTX or PPT file to a recipient with a Mac. Or maybe you received or downloaded a presentation as a PowerPoint file on your Mac. Fortunately, converting a PowerPoint presentation from PPTX or PPT […]

Top 9 Ways to Fix Steam Not Opening on Windows 10 Error

Every gamer needs Steam regardless of the other apps or platforms they play on. If you’re a PC gamer like me, you’re on Steam, and for good reason. It’s your window to the gaming world. It’s also why it’s so frustrating that Steam won’t open on your Windows 10 computer. Of course, you can also […]

How To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Problem?

At your Windows 10 start menu is not working? Then this page will guide you on how to fix this Windows 10 menu not working issue easily without any hassle The Windows operating system is the most widely used operating system for PCs. It offers great features and great stability but also comes with several […]

Top 7 Fixes for FaceTime Calls Not Coming Through on Mac

The continuity of processes between iOS and macOS devices in the Apple ecosystem is lauded, but they often fail. With your iPhone and Macbook signed in to the same Apple ID, FaceTime calls from the first ring simultaneously on the second. If FaceTime calls fail on your Mac, sometimes it will happen. In this article, […]

7 Best Fixes for YouTube Autoplay Not Working Error

YouTube studies your behavior and the way you interact with the platform on mobile or desktop. It then uses the information to suggest new and relevant videos. Combine that with the autoplay feature, and YouTube can keep you busy for hours at a time. And you can keep watching videos one after another until autoplay […]

8 Best Ways to Fix iMessage Is Signed Out Error on iPhone

iMessage continues to give tough competition to WhatsApp. It’s great until you come across an unusual error. Imagine trying to send a message and being told that iMessage is offline, and you might miss messages if you don’t fix the problem. If you received the same error for iMessage, here we will tell you 8 […]

A Guide to Uninstall OneDrive Completely From Windows

All Windows installations come preinstalled with OneDrive. Microsoft’s cloud storage solution that integrates with the Office 365 suite of applications. But not everyone uses OneDrive to store their files. Not everyone uses Office applications like Word. It makes sense for these users to uninstall or remove OneDrive from Windows 10. Microsoft doesn’t want you to […]

Top 8 Ways to Fix AirPods Connection Failed Error

Pairing AirPods with your device has to be one of the easiest things in the world. But this is not the case for some users who encounter an error pop-up window that says “ Connection failed ”. Try Again ”on their iPhone and iPad. In this guide, we will walk you through some foolproof AirPod […]

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