Outlook Trash icon missing? Get back the Delete button on Outlook

Some Microsoft Outlook users have encountered a particular problem where they are unable to locate the trash can icon. For most people, this icon is available, but for others, it was there today and disappeared tomorrow. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the problem of disappearing Outlook trash icon in several ways. […]

16 Best Samsung Game Launcher Settings That You Should Know

With Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung has introduced a new feature for its phones: Game Launcher. It is your one stop destination for all your gaming needs on a Samsung phone. You can track your game stats, history and check the rankings, among other interesting things. Game Launcher provides a gateway to incredible settings to enhance […]

How to show the Preview Pane for File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10 displays several file layouts, such as descriptions, tiles, text, and different icon sizes. The file snapshot gives you a preview of the file when you choose one of the icon size formats like large icons or extra large icons. This overview is especially intended for image files, e.g. PNG or […]

Windows Task Manager Tips and Tricks you may not be aware of

Task Manager is the most important program you will have access to when everything else has crashed or is unresponsive. The message lists some of the best tips and tricks in Windows Task Manager. I am sure it will be helpful. Most of these tips and tricks have been published by Dave Plummer, on Reddit […]

How to keep your motherboard clean and protected

A damaged motherboard probably means the end of your computer in most cases; therefore, people should always take precautions to ensure that the motherboard stays safe at all times. Remember, while the processor is the brain of the computer, the motherboard is the heart of everything. In our experience, most motherboards are robust and can […]

5 Microsoft Defender Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Microsoft has renamed Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender with the Windows 10 update for November 2019. It is now part of Windows Security. Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years with lower false positives, better usability, and better performance in detecting malware and viruses. This is why I […]

Fix Windows Update Error Code 800F0A13

Sometimes you may encounter Windows updates error code 800F0A13 when installing certain updates. This could be due to corrupt or missing system files. When you run Windows Update, you may see the following error message: Error (s) found: Windows Update code 800F0A13 encountered a problem Windows Update error code 800F0A13 To fix Windows Update error […]

How to Sign Documents in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams user base is skyrocketing. Many companies around the world are switching to Microsoft Teams to allow their teams to collaborate and discuss ideas, projects, and more. Thanks to Microsoft, new features are falling for the app at a rapid pace. In addition to updating the video call functions, Microsoft also takes care […]

Fix Remote Desktop Error Code 0x104

Remote desktop error code 0x104 on Windows 10 occurs when you try to give access to the available system on the same network or on another network. But when it fails, you can see an error message that says – Unable to connect to the remote PC because the PC cannot be found. Please provide […]

How to stop Steam launching automatically after Windows 10 boot

If you play a lot of video games daily via Steam, then the automatic launch of the client when you start Windows 10 is obvious. However, for those times when you just want to do some work, the Steam client can be a distraction. Prevent Steam from launching automatically The big question then is how […]

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