12 Free Slideshow Makers for Windows 10

12 Free Slideshow Makers for Windows 10

Good slideshow maker software helps users to create powerful presentations or videos with several customizable features like templates, effects, text options and shapes, etc. The created files are stored in many popular file formats like MPEG, MOV, .AVI or MP4, etc. . so that they can be easily obtained on other platforms such as Android, iOS or PC. You can quickly find such popular software applications as well as online tools to convert all video clips and images into eye-catching video slideshow. These slideshows can help you make your special occasions like birthdays and weddings more noticeable as they offer you the best way to prove your ideas among others.

9 best slideshow makers

Here is the best slideshow maker software for Windows 10.

1. Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is a photo / video slideshow maker for novices as well as professionals due to its feature-rich platform which makes the task of creating videos and slideshows much more accessible on Windows and Mac. Besides, it is a photo slideshow maker with music and transitions, filters, overlays and more, offering over 300 effects and over 20 protected music that let you take your slideshow to the next level. Download it to try it out!

2. DVD slideshow creationr

DVD slideshow maker tool offers a powerful solution for advancing rich slides for business demands. Users can simply mix videos, photos into slideshows with 2D or 3D transition effects. Files can be instantly shared to YouTube, iPod or TV. DVD slideshow maker offers a large collection of image, video and audio formats. The main editing tasks can be performed on the media before the implementation of the final creation.

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3. Freemake video converter

Freemake Video Converter is the ideal tool for quickly making slideshows by systematizing the best compilation of videos and photos in the most majestic way for Windows. If you need to mix a large number of images in your ppt, Freemake is the best choice for you as it is absolutely free and no registration required. Supports a number of output file formats. It supports direct upload to YouTube. Slideshows can be quickly sent to DVDs.

4. Windows Movie / Slideshow Maker

Windows Movie Maker The editing tool allows users to add their favorite compilation of music, videos, and photos into slides. Videos can even be recorded directly from the webcam and then mixed into videos. It is much easier to apply visual effects and animations to particular portions of slides. Easy to use and fluid platform. A large number of transitions with impressive visual effects. It gives an option of direct sharing to social networks.

5. Slidely

Slidely is a famous social media tool that allows smooth sharing of content on the network and the ability to enter curated collections. Users can both import videos and images from their computer or access directly from social platforms as needed. So, it has the ability to do many remarkable things as it has many community sharing options. Users can quickly import media files from various social platforms. Videos can be viewed as private or public. It offers various customizable choices for photo transition speeds.

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6. Photosnack

Photosnack The tool is 100% available and still offers a wide range of features for every user. You don’t need to install this slideshow maker because it works online with all the exciting slide developer tools. Users can quickly add video or music to Photosnack platform and files can be shared later on social media platforms. Simple to use with easy connection to social networks. You don’t need to download any apps. The highlight of micropayment is useful for occasional users.

7. Kizoa

Kizoa is a famous online video editing tool that allows easy access to powerful features even without registration. The top editor contains animations, transitions, effects and also offers music option packs to produce interactive videos. So, users can quickly customize timing, duration, size or position, etc. as needed. You can get started instantly even without registering. Gives a much higher level of personalization. Gives easy control over aspect ratio. The free plan also comes with a lot of awesome features.

8. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost allows users to mix photos in different combinations of frames, with customizable aspect ratios, frame sizes and colors, etc. It is a level ahead with high level filters and frames so that highly interactive slideshows can be created with comfort. PicPlayPost allows users to select gifs, videos and photos etc. for creating eye-catching slideshows. It provides easy video combining tools for slideshows. Sequential and simultaneous reading has many different features. It allows users to think outside the box with combinations of multiple video sets.

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9. FilmoraGO

FilmoraGO The mobile app guarantees an extremely customizable user platform with a simple to use interface. It is much more forgiving to cut videos and one can also use multiple filters on the content with loads of ready-made themes. FilmoraGo has gained greater recognition from the user community due to its expert setup and developer tools. Gives a wide selection of themes. Hence, it has so many excellent effects such as reverse, slow motion and fast motion etc. Easy sharing on social media platforms.

Top 12 Free Slideshow Creators for Windows

  1. Wonddershare Filmora9
  2. DVD slideshow generator
  3. Freemake Video Converter
  4. Windows Movie Maker
  5. Slidely
  6. Photosnack
  7. Kizoa
  8. PicPlayPost
  9. Pixgram – Musical photo slideshow
  10. The history of photography
  11. Filmora Go
  12. Slide lab

Final verdict

Whether you are using the latest Windows system or not, you have plenty of alternatives to create your slideshows now. So just download from the mentioned list and do it your way. This list of the 12 best free software would have really made things easier for you. Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

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