Restore Display view for files grouped by Date Modified in Downloads folder

Restore Display view for files grouped by Date Modified in Downloads folder

The file explorer allows users to group files by date, size, type, size or none. However, now, Windows 10 users have reported that their files in Folder Downloads are grouped by Date modified, and they were unable to restore it to the previous / default view. This could be due to a bug or if the user preference was set by default after Windows Update.

This view allows you to group all files by date and display them in descending order.

When grouped by date, all files and folders are separated into friendly dates. For example, if you downloaded a file today, it will be grouped under the Today & #39; hui section. Files downloaded last week will be grouped under Last weeketc. In simple terms, your most recent files will always appear first.

In theory, this makes it easy to find recently downloaded files. However, the Date Modified grouping makes the files more cluttered. In addition, finding files can be a bit more difficult if they are not downloaded recently. For example, when files are grouped by date, even if they are sorted by types, they are always sorted by date.

Therefore, if the new default group, grouping by modification date, is an additional inconvenience to you, follow the steps below to repair the files in the file downloads folder grouped by date in the file explorer.

Restore display for files grouped by modification date in the Downloads folder

Launch the file explorer and navigate to the Downloads folder. You can click the Downloads option under Quick Access to do it.

Click on View tab and then click on the By group drop-down menu and select No from the list.

The files will be restored in the view defined by the Downloads folder.

Now, you may also notice the Save as The dialog window continues to display items grouped by date. Just right-click on an empty area of ​​the dialog box and select Group by none.

Once you have applied the changes, not all files are sorted and become as before. But the files and folders will be sorted according to the modified dates again a few minutes later or when restarting the PC. So to set it permanently, follow the steps below.

Then switch to Group (none) as described above.

Click on View in the Explorer ribbon> Options> Change folder and search options to view Folder Options Properties.

Switch to View tongue.

Click on Apply to folders button followed by Yes.

Click on Apply > D & #39; agreement.

That's all. This should help.

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