13 Free Backup Software for Windows in 2020 [Download Now]

13 Free Backup Software for Windows in 2020 [Download Now]

Are you looking for a good free backup software to store your valuable data? Here is a list of 13 Free backup software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and older versions. You can use them in 2020 and beyond to manage the process of backing up your data and system in a simplified way.

8 Best Free Backup Software for Windows

Choose the right, safe and simple backup software is essential for properly backing up your data online or offline. You can back up your data and files to physical storage sources such as CD, DVD, USB keys or on a Cloud. While I highly recommend that you never depend on one way to back up your data, I also suggest that you only use the verified means. Free backup software can help you easily and securely manage the backup process.

here are the 8 Best Free Backup Software which you can use to negate the risk of losing your valuable data.

1. Paragon Backup and Restore

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Paragon Backup and Restore is the first name on our list. This is a great option for free backup software, while having a premium version costs around $ 39.99. The premium version has additional benefits to improve the security and performance of the software. However, you can stick to the free version, and still use this tool to manage your data backup. This allows you to Save saved images in several different file formats. You can also compress and split data to save disk space.

2. Easis free disk cloning

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Easis drive cloning is the next name on our list. It is an awesome free backup software having a free and also a premium version which cost $ 19. Although the premium version of this tool is comparatively much cheaper and gives every ounce of value, you can still use the free version. When you launch this tool, you will see three fairly straightforward and easy to understand options:

  • Create an image.
  • Restore the image.
  • Clone drives.
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The user interface of this tool is also very simple and friendly for the users. The only downside to using the free version is that you cannot compress the images into a smaller file. This tool also backs up the free sectors of the disk as well as the sectors containing real data. But, it is still a great option to back up your entire system.

3. Convenient backup

Free backup software for Windows

Convenient backup is an amazing free backup software for Windows. It is designed and developed in such a way that it is the most suitable option for normal users. This tool allows you to copy the documents, media files, registry entries, emails, IM chat historyand all other logs and files. It offers a 10 GB storage free for 90 days, and if you decide to become a permanent user, you will need to get a costly monthly subscription $ 7.99 per month. You can also back up your data to local storage or cloud storage.

4. Veeam Agent for Windows

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Veeam Agent for Windows is a well-known free backup software that instantly became a user favorite after its launch. It’s a professional tool compatible with professional and occasional users. It offers backup and recovery for Windows PCs, laptops, servers and even workstations. It fully supports all versions of Windows including Windows 10. You can even backup your data in magnetic types.

5. Backup of all EASEUS

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Backup of all EASEUS is the next name on our list. It is amazing free backup software with lots of features. It offers three ways to back up your files, namely:

  • Full
  • Differential
  • Incremental

In addition, it offers imaging that helps create a Linux based boot disk. You can perform custom backups at any time, and even program the backup process. This tool even provides full encryption to system images, as well as higher compression levels are also possible. the premium version approximately EASEUS Todo Backup costs $ 29.99.

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6. AOMEI Backupper Standard

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Another good free backup software for Windows is AOMEI Backupper Standard. It offers all of the basic features that you would find in the tools on this list, while also offering some additional features. You can copy and back up documents, media files, and other files and folders either manually or automatically. In addition, you can back up the entire system at scheduled times or intervals. It offers password protected encryption for backups and also mounts the backed up image as a virtual local drive. You can even create full system images. The premium version of this tool costs around $ 49.95.

seven. Genie Timeline Free

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Genie Timeline Free is the next name on our list. It is a great free backup software for Windows, also having a premium version costs around $ 39.95. You can use the free version for basic functionality. But if you need full encryption, you’ll have to spend some money. You can backup all kinds of files and folders using this tool to local storage or network drive. Also you can selectively choose to save the data present on the system. The only basic functionality that this tool lacks is that you cannot schedule a backup. Apart from that, the software is a complete package having eye-catching user interface to attract users.

8. Free HDClone

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Free HDClone is the last name, but not the least performing on this list. It is a wonderful free backup software offering users a free and paid version. the paid version costs around $ 18.59. You can use the free version to back up your files, folder, or entire system to local storage or network drives. The only major feature that the free version lacks is the ability to compress or encrypt data. This tool is compatible with all new and old versions of Windows, including both Windows 10 and XP. The user interface is also very simple and user-friendly.

These are the 8 best free backup software for Windows. Now I will list more as a bonus for you.

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5 more free backup software for Windows

Here is a list of other free backup software that you can use. These tools lack some features that prevented them from appearing in the previous list. However, you can still try to use them. Who knows if they may be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Personal backupFree and simple to use, having all the basic features you will need but lacking additional features like imaging and GUI.
  2. Crash planAnother great tool having a free version and a paid version. While the paid version has everything you need, the free version doesn’t seem to be enough. In addition, the cost of the paid version is quite high.
  3. Cobian backup It is a great tool with a good number of features and a friendly user interface. However, if you are a beginner this won’t help you much.
  4. FBackupThis is another good option having a free version and a paid version. The only reason I didn’t cover this earlier is that its free version won’t give you enough service.
  5. Google backup and sync– This official Google backup tool that uses Google Drive to store your files. However, this is not a suitable method to back up your entire system. But you can still try it.

That’s all.

Hope I helped you. You can use the comment box for any question or suggestion. Also read: Tinder for PC: Swipe Tinder Profiles on Windows 10

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