5 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives for Creating Graphics

5 Best Adobe Spark Alternatives for Creating Graphics

Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool for creating eye-catching images to share on social media. But if you’re looking to get out of the Adobe ecosystem, here are some fantastic free Adobe Spark alternatives you can check out.

1. Canva

Canva is often compared to Adobe Spark and is an interesting alternative. The service has over 55 million monthly active users and provides access to over 75 million archive images. The service is easy to use, and because it’s cross-platform, you can start your project on one device and continue working on another.

With its massive asset library, you can create anything from personalized social media posts to visually appealing presentations. The service even allows you to collaborate with others on a project.

Can go

Canva includes thousands of premium fonts, text styles, stock images, and more to spoil (and sometimes confuse) you. You won’t have to exit the app to find anything on the web.

Canva is available on the web and offers apps for most operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Free tier images are watermarked, and you will need to pay $ 1 to remove watermarks from each premium item in your project.

Canva also offers Canva Pro for $ 12.95 per month, giving you access to unlimited premium photos, custom templates, branding kit, and more. You can also try Canva Pro for free for one month.

2. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is the minimal and simple graphic design tool from Buffer, a well-known social media management tool. Simplicity is key with Pablo, the service does not require any account creation and you can get started right away by opening the website.

Img pablo by buffer

You can upload a custom image or search over 600,000 images on its website, apply preinstalled filters, optionally, and add text / quotes. The image can be uploaded easily and you can also share it directly through Buffer. Pablo is one of the best ways to edit photos for social media on the go.

Pablo is accessible via the web, and if you need to work offline, Buffer offers a Google Chrome extension that you can install on your Windows, macOS, or Linux laptop.

3. Desygner

Desygner offers some of the most advanced features while being easy to use. It has several templates available and the service even allows you to import pre-built PSD and SVG files.

Desygner allows you to convert a chart to other sizes with the click of a button. Let’s say you’ve designed a Facebook post on Desygner, and now you need to upload the same to Instagram, but since the service is more suited to vertical content, you’ll have to design the whole thing again. On Desygner, with the click of a button, you can quickly resize a chart to other sizes.

Img desygner

Desygner is free to use via the web. It has standalone apps, but these are only available for iOS and Android. The service also has a paid plan that will set you back $ 9.95 per month and will give you access to stock photos, a social media planner, and plenty of eye-catching templates. Go ahead, give it a try and we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

4. Piktochart

Piktochart is one of the best infographic creators available on the internet. The service offers an intuitive tutorial during registration. It has a huge library resource with helpful blogs, video tutorials, and even a dedicated channel to educate users on how to use Piktochart.

Piktochart allows you to upload your chart as “blocks” so that you can use the individual resource elsewhere. Additionally, you can also collaborate with others on a project.

Img piktochart

Besides templates for Instagram and Facebook, Piktochart even lets you create infographics for specific things like financial forecasts or investor presentations.

Using Piktochart is free, but if you want to take advantage of advanced features, the service will cost $ 25 per month.

5. Snap

Snappa is another awesome alternative to Adobe Spark. Snappa not only gives you access to over a million images and vectors, but the service sets itself apart with its rich text and font library.

It has tight integrations with all major social media networks, making it easier for you to organize posts and content in the Snappa app. It includes all the Adobe Spark tools including text editing, grid view, magnetic object snapper, but with those tools Snappa has a bit of extra customization here and there.

Img snappa

One thing that stands out is the “popular” tab which you can find in a lot of options, like the color picker and the image picker. It lists all the options in demand among social media users and influencers, which you can use to make your content in line with current trends.

Snappa is also accessible via the web, and the company says it’s in the process of developing stand-alone desktop apps. You can even try its Pro plan, which will set you back $ 10 per month. Snappa currently offers four months free on its Pro plans when you pay for a one-year subscription.

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