5 Best Multitasking Apps or App Switchers for Android

5 Best Multitasking Apps or App Switchers for Android
Android is very good at multitasking. Even if everyone agrees that it has failed on larger screens, multitasking is much better than on iPadOS. And this is mainly due to the diversity of third-party Android applications that can enhance your multitasking experience. So here are 5 multitasking apps for Android in 2020. If you are looking for the best application switchers, you have to try these apps.

1. Lynket Browser – Open multiple links without distracting you

The apps are great for smartphones, but it's hard to open links from apps like Facebook or Feedly, the Google app itself. Google has introduced custom Google Chrome tabs that allow an application to open links in the application itself without sending the user to another application, such as the browser. It sounds good but it is not. Have you ever opened a link on the Facebook app only to come back and find that all the content has been updated?

You may also want to let a link open in the background as you browse your feed. None of these issues are resolved by the Google Custom Chrome tabs on Android. Lynket Browser is an Android application that improves multitasking and solves all these problems with a single solution. All it asks you is to set it as the default browser. Lynket then slides on any custom tab that you open in a separate window on your phone, allowing you to multitask easily between multiple of them.

Even if you accidentally drag something, you can still launch the Lynket application and find it in your history. It can also launch custom tabs as floating bubbles such as Facebook Messenger chat heads. The browser also has a playback mode and other browser features. In addition to being an excellent web browser, Lynket is one of the best multi-tasking applications and application switches available for Android in 2020.

2. Split Screen Launcher – Save split screen application pairs

Android allows you to use a split screen to launch and use two apps at once. But there is no option to register a pair of split screen apps. Why would you need something like this? Let's say that every day you like to listen to a podcast or watch a long podcast video on YouTube while scrolling through Reddit. As it is a pair of applications that you use every day in split screen, it would be nice if you could just run them simultaneously.

Split Launcher is one of the best multitasking apps for Android for quick change of applications that allows you to do just that. The application has a simple interface. When you open it, press Create Shortcut, specify the top and bottom applications for the split screen, and then press save. Once the shortcut has been created, you can drag it to your home screen. The application is still in early access, so there may be occasional problems.

You should also consider completing your multitasking application with an excellent home launcher that is just perfect for you. Read our detailed article to discover the best Android launcher application for your phone.

3. Free floating applications – launch multiple applications at once

Sometimes the ability to open multiple applications simultaneously can be a lifesaver. Or at least very practical. Maybe you want to do something on your little mobile screen while you watch a movie. Maybe Google is talking about something you saw in the movie. Or maybe you need to use the calculator to surf the web, find a contact, write a note, and so on. With Floating Apps and its resizable multitasking windows on Android, you can do it all at the same time.

This multitasking application for Android requires some of the ADB's actions to be configured and operational, but its configuration is relatively simple. If you need help, we've already published a more detailed article about the app. Floating resizable windows may not be as useful on a phone as on a large-screen device such as a tablet. However, the application offers you many configuration options to best suit your needs.

There are figuratively a ton of configurations and settings that you can try in the application. So in fact, that it seems impractical to list them here. For example, you can add shortcuts to certain websites and widgets in the My Apps section. These widgets and websites are then accessible like other applications with windows. If you are easily overwhelmed by the many choices that are presented to you, you may want to avoid this. If this is not the best application selector for Android, Floating Apps is definitely the one you should try.

4. Taskbar – Android application for desktop multitasking

The taskbar is another of the best multitasking apps for Android that can help you launch multiple apps in floating windows. Some might say it's even better, because it allows you to launch applications from anywhere. Just like you do on a desktop computer, you can access your application drawer while using another application to launch a new application directly. If you are not a fan of the traditional method of using a smartphone, you may like it. You may never even need to go to the home screen if you do not want to.

You will need Android 7.0 Nougat for freeform windows to work. To activate the Freeform Window mode, you must first enable the developer options. Go to Settings> About the phone and press the build number about 5 to 7 times until a message of toast appears at the bottom of the screen. Go back to the settings and down the list you will find Developer options which were previously hidden. Tap Developer Options and scroll to the bottom of the list. Here you will find an entry labeled as Force activities to be resizable. Activate it, then restart your phone or tablet.

Once you have done this, you can enable the free form window feature within the application. Select the Freeform mode, then activate it in the same way on the next screen. Check the box next to Freeform Window support. To select Free mode and turn it on in the same way on the next screen. Check the box next to Supports free form window. For more details, you can check out our guide to find out more about the office-type multitasking experience.

5. Edge Screen – Switch to Apps, Contacts, Widgets, Anywhere

Edge Screen is one of the best app changers for Android. It brings the onboard drawer features of Samsung Galaxy's flagship products to any phone. It adds a series of retractable panels to the edge of your favorite screen. In this way, the Android app helps you improve your multitasking experience by allowing you to access your favorite apps, contacts, settings, navigation shortcuts, etc., anywhere.

In addition, Edge Screen hosts a number of mini-applications that are essentially widgets. But widgets that you can access from anywhere. These include Music Playback Control, Calculator, Calendar, Voice Recorder and File Explorer. Having your calculator, calendar or file explorer accessible at any time can be very convenient.

Try some of these best application switchers for Android to make multitasking on your smartphone smarter!

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