5 Best Paid Android Games for Free Right Now

5 Best Paid Android Games for Free Right Now

If you have followed, you know how we offer some of the best paid games and other temporarily free apps on the Play Store. We shared how you can find all the apps for sale using some other apps. This week on the Play Store, there are not many paid apps available for free. The list is mainly occupied by games. There are a lot of free paid Android games on the Play Store this week.

Stickman Legends: Offline Combat Game with Shadow War

Stickman games are very popular not only because they are fun to play, but they also allow developers to focus on other aspects of the game than the appearance of the characters they have. wish it. However, Stickman Legends becomes creative with the stickman concept and you can find a lot of interesting characters in the game.

The game is described as a "classic mix of RPG and Player vs. Player (PvP)". It's a completely disconnected game, allowing you to play it even when you do not have internet access. As a ninja stickman warrior, you have many abilities to clear your opponents. There are countless of those in the game. The higher you level, the more abilities you have.

It's a fun game to take with you on your phone. If you do not like something, the developers are known to be very friendly too. This is a paid Android game that fully deserves the $ 0.99 price it has, but for the next 6 days you can get it for free. If you like free games, here are some great and really free Android games as they do not offer any advertising or integrated purchase option.

House of Fear: Surviving Predator PRO

Horror games are better appreciated on the big screen, which can offer a more immersive experience. Some games, however, can challenge this perception and House of Fear is one of them. The game features an exceptional sound design, which helps create the scary atmosphere these games need. This is probably not something you would like to play during your daily commute.

House of Fear is an ideal game to play with a pair of headphones / headphones and in the dark. It's a classic escape from the puzzle room of the room where your goal is to solve puzzles that scare, and so, find an outlet. The only difference is that it adds horror elements to the classic formula and it works, at least for some people. Originally, the game costs € 0.99, so there are no ads in the game. However, you can get free this Android game if you have it in the next 7 days.

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Castle Battle – Castle Defense multiplayer game

Battle Battle: Paid Game free

If you can not already say by name, it's a tower defense game but instead of towers, you have bunkers. The game features stunning graphics and excellent sound effects as well as 40 maps based on the historical events of the Second World War. There are more than 20 enemy units based on historic WWII tanks and bombers, such as T34 medium tanks, KV1 heavy tanks, Panzer III tanks, Tiger tanks, B-29 bomber, bomber HS-129, etc.

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For the player, there are 6 types of bunkers: the Machine Gun Bunker, the Anti-Tank Bunker, the Bunker Radar, the Anti-Aircraft Bunker, the Flamethrower Bunker and the Rocket Bunker. Each of these has three leveling turrets. There is an endless game mode so you can simply enjoy crushing waves after waves of enemies and a campaign mode.

This paid Android game is free until tomorrow otherwise it will cost you $ 0.99.

Freelancer Simulator Inc: Click on the game's money

Freelancer Simulator Inc: Free paid game

Freelancer Simulator Inc is an inactive clicker game with 2D simulation. If you have played other similar simulation games, the goal should be obvious. It's getting rich, very rich while working as an independent developer. You start with a cute caravan and, as you earn money, you can keep adding things, not the caravan, but your world at stake. Things like nightclubs, which will affect the performance of your character.

It's just an inactive clicker, so if you're not a fan of those, you're not going to like clicking your way to success here. This is a paid Android game that costs $ 0.99 but is free for the next 7 days.

Install free Android games mentioned above for free, otherwise you will have to pay to have them later!

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