5 Best Xposed Modules for Android Pie

best xposed modules pie

The development of Xposed Framework has definitely been a success since Google decided to release a new version of Android every year. Each update introduces changes that are extremely harmful to Xposed Framework, even if they are not profitable. As a result, there are not as many Xposed modules in development as there were before. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Xposed modules for Android Pie, the options are very limited.

That said, there are still some really interesting Xposed modules that can certainly help you change your device as you wish. To some extent, at least, if not completely. If Xposed Framework is not yet installed on Android Pie, you can follow the link below to view our guide on what to do.

1. GravityBox Xposed Module for Android Pie

GravityBox is a name well known to Xposed users since forever. Unlike most Xposed modules that perform one or two tasks, GravityBox strives to do several things. This is actually one of the reasons why many other Xposed modules are obsolete, while it creates problems with others.

So, if you install GravityBox, be sure to check every little feature it manages and not install another Xposed module that affects the same functionality. Or at least, do not leave this feature enabled on GravityBox. This is why the Xposed module has main switches to enable or disable entire sections.

Its list of features is long enough, but to give you an idea, it includes information such as the display of the data transfer speed in the status bar, various lockscreen mods, the mods of & #39; 39; bar state clock, mapping buttons (hardware and software), launching applications using the fingerprint scanner, settings for the navigation bar etc.

Download: GravityBox (P)

2. Progress of the download of the status bar

Progress module for downloading the status bar

The name probably makes the feature pretty clear. Once installed and activated, this Xposed for Android Pie module displays the download progress bar in the status bar. You can customize its color, set it to change automatically depending on the color of the clock, emit a sound when downloads are completed, and so on. In fact, that's what GravitBox also allows you to do.

However, I prefer this module because it offers more functionality and control over the download progress bar. No need to take down the shadow of the notifications and wait anxiously that this big download ends.

Download: Statusbar download progress

3. WA Tweaker

WA Tweaker Xposed Module

If you are a WhatsApp user, you will probably want to change a lot of things. In the name of simplicity, the application is too basic. For example, it does not allow you to send uncompressed images unless you are creative. There are limits to the number of media files that you can send at the same time, the interface has that dull color that gives the impression of being depressed.

All this can be changed using this small application. It also works without Xposed, but the best features require the use of Xposed Framework. This involves changing colors and completely obscuring the tabs, which makes WhatsApp look much happier and sharper. There are a ton of other features too.

This module is no longer officially available on Xposed repositories for Android Pie. There are also websites against which you should probably stay. You can download it from the official website that is linked below. It is listed on the Xposed repository page of the module, which hosts the old module, which is now obsolete. For full transparency, we also linked the Xposed repository page.

If you've been looking for a way to download and share Facebook videos on Whatsapp, do not miss our tutorial.

Download: WA Tweaker (WA Tweaks on the Xposed repository)

4. Reactivate the Xposed Screen Capture Module for Android Pie

Reactivate the Xposed Screen Capture Module

Have you tried taking a screenshot on Chrome in incognito mode recently? For your information, it does not work. I do not see what kind of privacy protects, but I do not like it. Some applications also do not allow screen captures of certain parts of the application, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. This Xposed module for Android Pie allows the screen capture feature in all these applications.

Once activated, it will automatically detect installed applications that prevent screen captures, but you can also manually select them from the list. There are not many other features that it offers. There is a search function, but it is stuck behind a one-time payment.

Download: Reactivate screen capture

5. MinMinGuard


MinMinGuard is an advertising blocker based on Xposed Framework. Traditionally, when you use an adblocker, it can remove the add, but it always leaves a blank space that was supposed to be filled with an ad. It's better than an advertisement, but it's still disturbing to some. MinMinGuard removes not only the ads contained in the applications, but also the space they would occupy. This leaves more space for the content. Overall, this helps to improve the experience without advertising.

Download: MinMinGuard

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