5 Reasons To Buy a Potato Digger For Your Small Farm

5 Reasons To Buy a Potato Digger For Your Small Farm

The agricultural machines and tools that every farmer needs have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Since agriculture began to take shape and as soon as people realized that they could plant crops and harvest them, human civilization entered a new era, in which culture became predominant for survival. Now and in our day things are largely the same, at least as far as the importance is concerned. Agriculture is. Being able to plant the most consumed crops and vegetables and then harvest them for home use or for commercial purposes is how millions of people live and how billions can eat.

On a smaller scale though, in a scenario where one family runs and lives on a small farm, things work pretty much the same. However, since there is less labor available, having the right equipment is much more crucial. People who have small farms where they like to grow their favorite crops often have all the tools they need, and if you’re planning on planting potatoes, you can hardly do without a potato digger. Earth.

Potato diggers or harvesters are important machines that can lighten the workload and make everything run faster. In this article, we’ll talk about the top reasons why you need a potato shovel on your small farm. At the end of the list, you will already be looking for the best and most useful model to get. Once that happens and you start looking for your first potato harvester, we strongly advise you to check tehnos.pl.

What are potato harvesters

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Although it seems unnecessary to describe them since the name says it all, it is necessary to have some additional information about these machines if you want to know why you might need them on your farm. They work by lifting ripe potatoes from the ground using coulters. The crop and excess soil are picked up and moved onto paths and webs where everything is sifted. Then the crops are moved onto or into a separate unit or another machine, depending on the model. The last part of the process is removing any clods, stones, stems and stems by hand until only the potatoes are left.

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There are a few types of harvesters, but nowadays most farms use potato wringer or haulm choppers. Spinners need to be connected to tractors and older machines need to be pulled. Mack back in the days when horses were used, but now tractors do most of the transport. The wringer has a flat metal part that goes through the floor and lifts the potatoes. It also has a big wheel with spokes that pushes the crops and everything to the side. The potatoes must be picked by hand later.

This is a fairly obsolete method because new technologies have made things much easier and more efficient. And that New technology comes in the form of haulm choppers, agricultural machines that actually cut the stems, or haulms, of potatoes and harvest them on the spot. These machines are connected either to the front or to the rear of a tractor and are fairly easy to assemble. These efficient machines often work in conjunction with other agricultural machinery to make the process even easier and faster.

Reasons why you need it

Now that you are more familiar with excavators, let us figure out why you need them and how they can help you.

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1. Convenience and efficiency

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The most obvious reasons are more than enough for every farmer to have an excavator. Not only will harvesting potatoes become a walk in the park (farm?), But you will do it in the most efficient and fast way possible. Chances are you already have a tractor because there is no agriculture without one. So the only logical step to take if you are planning to grow potatoes on your small family farm is to purchase an excavator. Depending on how much you want to plant and harvest, you can choose from a wide variety of excavators, large, small, heavy or basic.

2. No need to hire

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If you have the proper machines to use on your own, with the help of the rest of your family, you won’t have to hire staff each season to help you dig and harvest. Most farmers don’t like the fact that they have to get their hands on the bridge because it’s not the most efficient way to go. agricultural work, not everyone is willing to do this job either. It’s a lot easier and more enjoyable business if you can do it on your own, at your own pace, but without sacrificing anything.

3. Speed

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With the right technology and modern practices in play, you will have finished your potato work and have the chance to move on to other farm work. And we all know how much work it takes to run and operate the farm. Potatoes are just a small part of it, but difficult and time consuming enough to be a chore rarely enjoyed by everyone.

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The alternative would be to do it by hand and spend hours in the sun. With an excavator, you will only have to walk your field once and all the potatoes will be harvested and ready for use.

4. No mess

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Diggers are made to do this one thing and they do it without any problem. This means that if you position the machine the right way around to accompany your crops, you won’t have to go back and tidy up the place like you probably would without it. It will already turn the soil over and make it more ready for new crops to be planted. Remember, it’s all about making your farm better, easier, and more fun.

5. Lifetime investment

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To end our list and round off the five reasons to get a potato scoop, we have to say that it is an investment that will last you decades, possibly the rest of your life. Since you will be using it a few times a year at most, with proper maintenance and storage, this will be all you and your children, maybe even the grandchildren, will need to work the potato in. your family farm.

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