5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still An Effective Strategy In 2021

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still An Effective Strategy In 2022

One of the most vital topics in recent years has been the sustainability and effectiveness of email marketing. We can hear voices claiming that this approach is not among the most successful. There are many different studies that claim that email marketing is just too much of what is needed. Naturally, these studies have attracted a lot of attention from the community.

However, it can be said that it is still widely used among marketers around the world. It is still effective and will develop in the future. Since the beginning of the internet, users have loved email and this type of marketing has been seen as good marketing. However, we can see that the most notorious scams have been carried out via email. Everyone has heard of the Spanish Lotto, the Nigerian Prince and many more.

Nonetheless, it has managed to remain competitive against other strategies. The best way to look at this is that it is still used by marketing companies. If you want to check out one, be sure to visit rockstarmarketing.co.uk. Since it’s still widely used, we’d like to talk about some of the reasons why this strategy is still worth it in 2022. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

It’s more efficient than social media

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Of course, social media marketing has established itself as one of the most effective. However, we can see that email marketing can reach a lot more people. The reason is quite simple, not all internet users have an account on social media platforms. At the same time, almost all of them have an email account. Besides, it is more efficient in the conversion process of each particular user.

The reason is that users like to have more custom conversion process. Of course, this personalization is much better. If you look at some of the studies, you will see that they represent just under 10% of the acquisitions that were made online. At the same time, we can see that these studies say that it will continue to grow in the future.

They create stronger relationships

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Marketers should use this type of marketing strategy. One of the main reasons they should use it is that it can become an anchor point for all the locals who are thrilled to witness. By providing crucial information that can educate their users on the latest data on the most important elements of a brand. By doing this, they will engage their users a bit.

In addition, users will stay informed of all the latest occurrences within a brand. Of course, it must be said that doing too much by providing lots of information to people can make the plan fail. Therefore, marketers need to find the perfect balance between these two concepts. That’s why it’s important to personalize this marketing strategy and find that balance that we mentioned.

It is easier to measure

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Keeping track of all the things you’ve done with your marketing strategy is something every marketer should do. By having an overview of it, the marketer will be able to perceive all the possibilities that arise from time to time. At the same time, marketers will be able to see some problems before they become unsolvable. Almost all email marketing tools will provide this information.

The marketer can track delivery rates, churn rates, bounce rates, and many other aspects. Without a doubt, ignoring these numbers would be a mistake. While many different studies claim that there is an optimal number that the marketer should aim for, it must be said that such numbers do not exist. You need to optimize these numbers for your users, it’s that simple.

It’s easier to reach mobile customers

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One of the main reasons we believe this strategy still has value is that it can be used to reach customers through their mobile devices. At the same time, this strategy does not require too much investment on their part. We can see that some of the most credible studies on this topic indicate that more than half of mobile users in the United States access their emails through their mobile devices.

Not only do they have access to it, but a large majority of those emails are opened as well. This surely makes this strategy so effective, even nowadays. Therefore, it would be a mistake to ignore it. When you look at it from the customer’s point of view, you will see that they are completely free to use which is definitely useful for them. Importantly, there are no limits as to the characters that can be used in the message.

It’s a cheap strategy

Finally, we would like to talk about the most obvious reasons why it should be used in 2022. It is both cost effective and easy to use. Marketers can reach a large number of people with it. When you compare the potential and the money they need to invest in this area, we think the answer is pretty straightforward. It is surely a much more efficient option than other traditional channels.

Any marketer you know and you will receive a response that can provide many benefits. The question is, why is it considered by many to be ineffective, yet it is used by a plethora of marketers around the world. The reason is simple, it is both profitable and operational. If you are unsure of these aspects, we recommend that you conduct research where you can find answers to these questions.


Many people make the mistake of believing that this is an old tactic and that its excess over needs. However, we can see that the situation is not like this. Therefore, we have provided you with the top five reasons why you should use email marketing even today. Not only that, we are sure that it will be just as effective for many years to come.

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