5 Surface Pen alternatives for Microsoft Surface devices

Surface pen alternatives

The Surface Pen is an accessory considered essential to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Surface devices. This is an amazing writing tool for the material that it supports, but its growing price problem keeps many interested buyers out. We rounded up a few Alternatives to the surface stylet it can give you the same feeling, but at a reasonable price.

Best surface pen alternatives

Although the cost of a Surface Pen is between $ 110 and $ 150, there are few interesting alternatives that save time.

  1. Dell Premium Active Stylus (PN579X)
  2. Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus
  3. HP pen
  4. Ink adoint
  5. Tesha Surface Stylus

In addition to the affordable price range, these stylus brands will feel good in the hand.

1) Active Active Dell Premium Pen (PN579X)

The Dell Premium Active Pen (PN579X) provides a simple way to launch OneNote. A simple press on the top button opens the application for you to write notes (even on a locked screen), to take a screenshot or to activate Cortana. In addition, you can customize the buttons to suit your needs by installing Windows Ink Workspace. The magnetic stylus supports Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a trouble-free battery with a 12-month battery life and a one-year limited hardware warranty. The disadvantage of the Dell Premium Pen is that it lacks a pocket clip and does not offer multiple color options. Interested in buying Dell Premium Active?

2) Wacom Bamboo Ink

The Bamboo Ink Pen connects to your Surface via Bluetooth and seems more durable than its predecessor. The second generation of the stylus includes a tilt support that makes the features more authentic by detecting whether the stylus is held at a natural angle. This ability makes the stylus better suited to digital art than its predecessor. Buy Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart stylus. It costs about $ 38.

3) HP pen

The HP pen guarantees a natural and realistic feel. It's the precision of the tip and pressure sensitivity that gives you total control and is able to work with a range of applications from design to computer. In addition to the above, the HP accessory features the improved N-trig technology, which helps to gain a material victory over its competitors. This technology helps computer users to create digital ink on the screen in addition to touching so you can draw or calculate accurately. Improve your productivity with the HP pen. Download the HP Pen Control app if it is not preinstalled on your computer. use HP pen control To change your HP stylus settings by following the instructions in this document. It's priced at $ 50.

4) ink adoint

The Adonit Ink – Surface Pen is a Microsoft Pen Protocol and Microsoft hlk Certified product. It's also compatible with Cortana, so; you can use voice commands with your stylus to free the comfort of your PDA. By simply changing the applied pressure, you can change the line thickness and rest your palm comfortably on the screen as you write. With palm rejection enabled, you will not have to worry about stray lines anymore. Check-out Ink Stylus

5) Tesha Surface Pen

The aluminum case stylus allows you to draw and use your surface more efficiently, as it allows ink to flow directly from the pen tip to your screen with virtually no lag. It also has an eraser button located on the side, so cleaning is quite simple. In addition, you can access other options with the right mouse button on the side.

Tesha Surface Stylus is compatible with Surface Studio, Surface Pro 2017, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3 and Surface laptops.

Which one do you use?

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