5 Ways to Fix “0x80073cf9” Windows 10 Store Error

5 Ways to Fix “0x80073cf9” Windows 10 Store Error

Windows 10 comes with a variety of new options and controls and makes users more comfortable with Microsoft. This allows people to be more up to date in their work. But where all of these variable options come from, there are also many errors in your device. One of these Windows 10 errors is 0x80073cf9This problem usually occurs in Windows 8 and 10. In this error, you cannot download or update the applications or certain applications from the Windows Store.

It can also cause a problem when you try to install an app from the store. Either way, no need to worry. We have this article where you will find out the methods to fix error 0x80073cf9 permanently from your Windows store.

How To Fix Error 0x80073cf9 From Windows Store

So here are all the methods, try them all. I’m sure these methods will help you fix the code problem: 0x80073cf9.

Method 1: Create an AUInstallAgent folder

1: right click on the Windows Start button and choose “run”.

A box will appear.

2: Type “% Windir%” in this box and click Okay.

A list of folders will appear.

3: Search for a folder with the name “AUInstallAgent”. If you don’t have one, create a new one with that name (be sure to write the name as it appears in alphabetical order). Here is the procedure for your assistant to create a new file.

  • Right click with your mouse or mouse pad in the appeared area
  • A list of options appears.
  • In this list of commands, click on “New”.
  • By clicking on a new “folder” will appear.
  • Click on this folder command.
  • A box will appear.
  • Type “AUInstallAgent” in this box.
  • Then click on Enter.
  • Check your spelling before clicking the Enter button.
  • Your file is here.

4: Restart your device, then install or update or download an app or an app.

Note: Your device can be your personal computer, laptop, tablet, phone, MacBook, or any other device with Windows 10.

And There you go. Install an app or download and update an app or app and you will see that this error has been removed from your Windows store. This method will work on both Windows 10 and 8.

In addition to this method, there are also many other methods to resolve this error, such as restarting your Windows Update Services, cleaning up your Windows Store cache data, reinstalling your windows, using antivirus and scanning of your device, etc.

All of these methods are time consuming and cannot permanently remove the error from your Windows device. The method described above is easy to follow and permanently removes errors from Windows.

Method 2: Check Store Settings

  1. Press the key “the Windows“On your keyboard.
  2. When you access the start screen, you will need to press the left button or click the “Windows Store“Button that you have there.
  3. Once on the Windows store you will need to press and hold the “the Windows“And the button”I
  4. Left click on “Application updates
  5. Left click on the “Synchronization licenses

Let us perform its method and restart the Windows 8 or Windows 10 device. Just upgrade the application or install the application and check if the Microsoft error message still appears.

Method 3: Try to reinstall the apps

If you are having this problem with a particular application, you can follow this method.

  1. Explore your splash screen in Windows 8 or Windows 10 as mentioned in the method above.
  2. Locate the application with which you are having problems.
  3. Right click on the application and press left or click on the button “Uninstall“button.
  4. Left click on the “Windows Store»On the screen once the application is uninstalled.
  5. Now enter the name of the app you uninstalled and then reinstall it from the Windows Store.

Method 4: scan using antivirus

Sometimes an antivirus prevents the installation of applications. Check the notifications and see if there is a threat or not.

Method 5: Allow access to the firewall

Firewall could also cause interference Microsoft Store error 0x80073cf9. Therefore, one of the smartest and most competent ways is to turn it off.

After disabling your firewall, you can download and install the application that initially triggers this Microsoft Store error code 0x80073cf9 and after that you can re-enable your firewall.

Final words

So there were simple but effective methods to fix error 0x80073cf9 from your Windows 10 or Windows 8 store. If you are still having this problem, let us know in the comments section.


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