How to add Project Display option to Windows 10 Desktop Context Menu

Add Project Display item to Context Menu

If you want to project your wireless screen to an external display, Microsoft has added a feature to Project View on a Windows 10 computer. They also allow the opposite to allow devices to project on a Windows 10 computer using the Connect app. All this is done using the WiFi hardware of this computer. But sometimes, this feature becomes difficult to use when the responsiveness of the computer is bad. However, this option can be added to the Windows Desktop 10 context menu to counteract this issue of low responsiveness.

Add a project view item to the context menu

There is a registry editor hack that can help you add or remove the project display option on the Windows 10 Desktop Background menu.

1] Add the project display option in the context menu of the Windows 10 desktop

You can download these registry files by clicking here, extracting its contents, then click on one of them depending on the theme you are using on your computer:

This will create the necessary paths in the registry editor. These entries will be created at the following address:

Computer HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT DesktopBackground Shell

It will create a subkey called Project and will have a number of registry keys to support the iconography, theme and list of options available in the context menu.

Once you have the registry files installed, either restart Process Explorer or your computer, to see the pop-up menu options appear on your computer.

The download also includes a .reg file that removes the Display Project pop-up menu item.

2] Remove the project display option from the context menu of the Windows 10 desktop

You may also have created Project subkey removed from the following location:

Otherwise, you can simply install this registry file to delete all the registry entries added to the location mentioned above. For your convenience, we hosted the registry file to delete the entries.

Once done, you can restart your Windows Explorer process from Task Manager or just restart your computer to have the context menu options disappear.

I hope you found this guide useful for getting the Project View option in the Windows 10 desktop pop-up menu.

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