7 Best NES Emulators for Windows [Play Nintendo Games]

7 Best NES Emulators for Windows [Play Nintendo Games]

Are you a child of the 90s who spent all his childhood helping Mario save his princess? Did you enjoy playing Contra with your brother for days together? Are you a NES game addict? If so, you are in the right place. In this post you will get a list of 7 best NES emulators for Windows 10,8 and 7.

Emulators are software that allows you to open a file created for a given platform on a different platform. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is the most popular type of game and the favorite of all. Let's start our adventure on the island NES games on Windows PC.

7 best NES emulators

If someone asks me to choose between Assasin's Creed: Revelations or Super Mario, I'll choose the last without thinking, even a second. The games of the new era are without a doubt amazing. But, the classic NES games of the 90s are no less than the best. NES is the most popular and favorite game category in the world.

Everyone loves to play Super Mario, Contra, Tetris and many NDA classics. The best part is that you can play great NES games on your Windows 10 computer using these 7 Best Nintendo NES Emulators for Windows 10. Let's start.

1. jNES

Jnes is considered one of the best NES emulators for those who just want to open a ROM and start playing their favorite classic game. It can not have a ton of features like some other emulators on this list, but that's the the easiest to use. In addition, there are no known experience issues. These elements are enough for jNES to be in our list of the 7 best NES emulators.

Basic features like using a joystick, control the sound and adjusting the size of the screen are present in it. It works perfectly with both NES and NSF ROMs.

Download jNES from here.

2. Nesbox / Universal Emulator

Nesbox is probably the most modern NES emulator. It offers players two possibilities. You can play NES games directly on your browser, on the Nesbox website, or use the UWP application offered by the developer for Windows 10.

If you want to avoid downloading emulators, visit the site Nesbox.com, load your own ROM and start playing. The gaming experience is very fluid and you should not have a delay or other performance issues. The best part is a Universal emulator. This means that the Nexbox Online Emulator supports NDA (.nes), Sega (.gen .smd), Super Nintendo (.smc), GameBoy (.gb .gbc .gba) formats.

3. RetroArch

RetroArch is a very popular and advanced NES emulator. It offers a wide variety of features and customization options. However, its versatility makes RetroArch one of the most complicated emulators to use and install. RetroArch allows you to create a unbelievable and perfect NES experience with its wide range of features. He is able to simulate almost identical graphics.

In addition, with the right parameters, delays will not exist. As I mentioned earlier, RetroArch is relatively complicated to set up. You need to install some core and tuning settings, which can be confusing for some users, especially for those who are not familiar with the RetroArch environment.

Since there is no official user manual for setting up and using RetroArch, you will need Googler. Once you have properly set up your game and started playing your favorite NES games, you'll understand why RetroArch is at the top of our list of the top 7 NES emulators for Windows 10.

Download from here.


FCEUX is one of the most popular NES emulators available. This emulator offers many features and customization options, a treat for both players and developers. FCEUX is quite simple to use. It also provides tools for debugging, video recording, ROM hackingand create speedruns.

There are also features like a controller and full screen support, for the exotic gaming experience. You can even customize many settings, such as controls and input configuration. The only disadvantage of FCEUX is that it is delivered by default with an inaccurate color palette, but that can be corrected manually. FCEUX can also charge A F, NSF, FDS, RAR, ZIP *: ENGLISH and GZ formats, in addition to ordinary NES files. All this makes FCEUX a must.

Download FCEUX from here.

5. VirtuaNES

VirtuaNES is another big name on our list of NES emulators. It is a highly customizable NES emulator, with very good features. He has an external controller and joystick support. The adjustable screen mount is also present, including the Full screen mode. The best part is that VirtuaNES has active Support for cheat codes. You can even edit hexadecimal memory locations, this allows you to try new tricks. The only drawback of VirtuaNES is that it is no longer supported by its developer.

Although VirtuaNES still works perfectly on any version of Windows, including Windows 10. In fact, the emulator does not need any additional support or development to allow playing NES games on your computer.

Download VirtuaNES from here.

6. Nestopia EU

Nestopia is my favorite NES emulator. It is one of the most preferred and used NES emulators. Therefore, he made our list of 7 best NES emulators. Nestopia EU (Undead Edition) is an unofficial continuation of the original Nestopia emulator because its support has been interrupted by the developer, and it works perfectly compatible with Windows 10.

If you do not want to worry about the configuration of RetroArch, Nestopia EU is your savior. It provides all the features needed to emulate NES games on a Windows 10 computer. However, there is an option called vsync which may bother some users. If this feature is enabled, you may experience a slow input delay and if it is turned off, you may tear the screen.

Download Nestopia EU from here.

7. Nintendulator

Nintendulator is our last name on our list of best NES emulators for Windows, but it really deserves to be tried. This is a very reliable NES emulator. It provides a realistic gameplay and has some very practical features.

This emulator provides an integrated game Genie support to launch the game automatically and also has a built-in USB Gamepad. In addition, he has a Soft restart and one Hardware reset functionality just like the original console.

Download Nintendulator here.


NES games are loved by everyone. Using the best NES emulators, you can play your favorite NES games on your Windows 10 PC. These were the 7 best NES emulators for Windows 10.

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