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Do you want to be the first to be notified when a new app appears on the Play Store or when an app sale is in progress? Whether you want to monitor your subscriptions, fix an error in the Play Store or view all the apps you've purchased, there's an app for everything. In this article, we will discover great Android apps that can add more features to the Google Play Store and enrich your experience.

Google Play Store is a unique place for all your Android needs. It contains a plethora of games, apps, movies, books, and more. can be easily downloaded to your device. In parallel, all these applications and games receive periodic updates to make it more stable and secure. Nevertheless, some useful features still seem to be lacking. In this guide on how to add more features to the Google Play Store, we will look in detail at some of the apps that can help you get the most out of the Play Store app.

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1. AppSales – Tracking discounts on apps

As its name indicates, this app notifies you whenever an android application is on sale. There are hundreds of apps on the Google Play Store. Every day or the other, some apps are on sale or even free for a limited time. But unfortunately, there is no option as such to be notified of the Play Store whenever the price drops. In such cases, AppSales can be useful.

It provides a list of applications or games that have recently experienced a price reduction or have become free. The list is automatically updated daily with new applications. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. It also shows the price trend of any application in a detailed graphical way. It allows you to get a complete knowledge of the pricing structure of any application. You can also simply share any app from the Play Store to AppSales and get a thorough knowledge of this app.

By default, it displays apps and games with a minimum 25% discount with at least 100 downloads and a minimum score of 3.5. If you wish, you can change all these criteria by going to settings > Filtered.

2. Error Code Fixer – Fixed various errors in the Play Store

Play Store Error Codes and Patches

Then, in the guide, you will discover how to add features to the Google Play Store. Error codes and patches. Whenever you encounter an error in Play Store, it simply generates an error code without any explanation. As a result, the user is frustrated. It is there that this application is useful. It contains a list of various Play Store error codes, its description and the steps to follow to resolve these issues.

You can browse tons of Google Play Store error codes and search for solutions or use the search feature to search for a particular error code. The only drawback is that the free version of the app displays full screen ads, which can be irritating for some of you. You can consider buying this app if you search for these errors on Google quite often.

3. Purchased apps – Information about your purchases in the Play Store

Apps purchased in the Play Store

From time to time, you buy an app or make an in-app purchase. Unfortunately, there is no easy way as such to keep track of all the history of your purchases. If some information is actually accessible from the Play Store (since Accounts > History of purchase), but it does not show all the necessary details. Fortunately, there is an application for this purpose. Called it Purchase of applications, it displays complete information on all purchases you have made so far from the Play Store.

These include the name of each application, its date of purchase and the money spent on each one. In addition, it also shows the overall expenses you have made for all combined applications. Apart from that, options for filtering applications and sorting them are also available. For example, you can sort the list by starting with the most expensive application at the top or filtering it to show only applications in which an integrated purchase has been made. Finally, you can also change the format of the currency or date by pressing the hamburger icon. If you do not like this app, there are few others that can show you the list of all apps purchased on the Play Store.

Download: Purchased apps – Restore your paid apps

4. App Watcher – informs about the new features of an updated application

Watcher App

There are tons of apps on the Play Store and the majority of them are updated regularly. You can keep an eye on the new features of an application already installed on your device. But it is not possible to do it for all applications. Although Play Story warns of the availability of an update for an application, it does not explicitly mention the changes and new features brought by the update. In such cases, Watcher App can be useful.

He regularly checks the What's up section of all applications that are not installed on your device. Plus, you can also add your favorite apps by sharing the app from the Play Store to App Watcher. Whenever an update is available for any of the applications, including the ones you have added to the favorites, you will be notified. Another amazing feature is that all applications in the Playlist section of the Play Store are automatically transferred to App Watcher. You can even sync the full list of updated apps to Google Drive, allowing you to use this app on any Android device.

5. Subscriptions – Keep track of all your subscriptions

App Subscriptions

Let's finish the guide on how to add features to the Play Store app with another very useful app. Each of you may have subscribed to other content / applications. And it's getting harder and harder to control all those subscriptions. Although the Google Play Store has a Subscription section, it does not help much either. It displays only a list of applications or services to which you are actively subscribed, as well as your preferred method of payment. So, that's where the Subscription the application can be useful.

Providing a neat and minimalist interface, it has more than 30 predefined subscriptions that you can use. These include Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Adobe, Apple Music, Dropbox, and so on. You can also add your own custom subscriptions. Plus, if you remember the renewal date of these subscriptions is not your cup of tea, consider taking the help of the Remind me option.

Here are some of the useful apps you can use to add more features to the Play Store. If you know of any applications of this type that are not mentioned here, please inform us in the comments section below.

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