Altap Salamander is free 2-panel File Manager for Windows PC

Altap Salamander is free 2-panel File Manager for Windows PC

The Windows 10 file explorer utility can be improved by installing a simple free program Altap Salamander. It's a customizable file manager that divides the virtual workspace into two sections, with a toolbar located above, giving access to most functions. It is a free dual-pane Windows PC file manager that provides viewers with all file formats and archives, as well as integrated FTP and SFTP clients.

Altap File Manager Freeware

Let's look at some of its features.

1) Basic operations

During the first download and installation, Atlap Salamander will offer a sleek and elegant interface. Right-clicking on any item in the main window brings up the default context menu. The menu provides full control over files and folders. In addition, you can drag elements from one side to the other.

If necessary, you can configure the program to support basic file manager operations such as

  • reappoint
  • View
  • edit
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Wipe off
  • Create a file or directory

Just click onFile'Menu and choose one of the options above. Once launched, the operations will run in the background. You can also choose to process these operations in a queue or suspend them.

The keyboard navigation options included under theThe ordersThe 'menu allows you to control the software without using the mouse, thus providing ease and convenience. You can use this menu to

  • Create directory
  • Change directory
  • Compare directories
  • Calculate the occupied space
  • Calculate the directory size and get the reader information

2) Advanced Operations

Beyond basic operations, advanced processes such as compare directories, change the case of names, attributes, date, and time can also be done via Salamander. All the instructions necessary to perform these actions and other shortcuts are described in theHelp me& #39; section. You can access it easily by simply pressing the key F1 key.

Finally, a good benefit of this free File Manager software is that it can be used to protect your security and privacy. For example, it can clear the browsing history or the list of files that you have viewed or edited. Apart from that, it supports the native Windows Encrypting File System (EFS). This allows you to encrypt or decrypt files, preserve attributes, owners, and encrypted permissions when copying files and directories.

In total, Atlap Salamander can be considered as a reliable tool for performing daily operations. Download this tool from Altap Salamander home page.

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