Get Pixel-Like Always On Display on OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Always On Display

Always On Display is a very popular feature on Android devices from Samsung, Google, LG, etc. who primarily use OLED display panels on their devices. OnePlus, an OEM manufacturer that only uses AMOLED displays on its peripherals, however, refrained from adding an Always On feature to its devices, evoking battery depletion. But there is a new Xposed module in town and it promises a pixel like Always On Display for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Download and install the Always On Display APK file below.

The module also works for OnePlis 7 and OnePlus 6T. In theory, it should also work on other OnePlus devices without an integrated fingerprint scanner like the OnePlus 6, and on older peripherals. There are however some disadvantages that can make you want to hold you back. On the one hand, the module is entirely in Chinese. Unless you know the language, you will need some advice.

Another problem is that the fingerprint icon displayed also stays on with the clock and other things. Unlike other items, the fingerprint icon is fixed instead and does not move. This can very easily cause AMOLED screen burning problems. There is a way around the problem and it is necessary to use Substratum to smooth the transparent fingerprint icon.

But then you will not see the icon anywhere, or your lock screen or any other screen on which you are supposed to authenticate your fingerprint. You must guess its location each time. If it does not look like you, you can continue with this tutorial.


  1. A rooted OnePlus device.
  2. Xposed framework installed. Read our tutorial to install Xposed Framework on any Android Pie device.

Install the Xposed Module

By default, the Xposed module displays a 24-hour clock on the permanent display. It's not everybody's cake, so a user (TheDemonLord) modified the module to have a 12-hour clock with and without AM and PM indicators. We have linked the three versions of the module below.

Original: 一 加 息 屏 增强 1.5.apk

12-hour clock: OPAoDMod 12hour.apk

12-hour clock with AM-PM: OPAODMOD 12HOUR AM-PM.APK

  1. Download one of the linked modules above according to your preferences.
  2. Tap the end-of-download notification once the download is complete.
  3. At the age of Setup, press INSTALL.

Enable the display module still active on OnePlus 7 Pro

Once installed, all that remains is to activate the Xposed module. Launch the EdXposed Manager application on your phone. If you used the Xposed Framework Installation Tutorial (see above), you do not know what EdXposed Manager is.

If you are using another version of Xposed Framework without SafetyNet integrity, you are probably using the traditional Xposed Installer application. In this case, launch the Xposed Installer application.

xposed modules op7

In the side menu drawer, go to the modules section. You should find the OPAoDMod listed here. Activate the flip-flop next to it and reboot your phone for the module to be activated.

Always configure the display on OnePlus 7 Pro

When your device restarts, look for the OPAoDMod app in your application drawer and launch it. The application is not in English as mentioned before, so you will probably not be able to configure this much. That said, the default settings look a lot like Pixel and should fit almost everyone.

XDA senior member Kylynx has created screenshots with translated text that could help you determine the options. We have shared them below, but you can still view the original screenshots in full size by following the source link.

Xposed module still active "src ="

Always visible on OnePlus 7 Pro "src ="

Awesome! You now have the Always On view on OnePlus 7 Pro. Enjoy!

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