Android Mobile Wallet

Android mobile wallet

Nowadays, paying with cash is not the best way to buy something. Especially due to the global pandemic, we are all trying to avoid contact with other people. Well, for all Android users, there is always a choice. Thanks to Google, we can now use Google Pay for shopping. Also because of the pandemic every business is setting up their website and anyone can buy anything online. Therefore, online shopping is bigger and more fashionable than before. By using your debit or credit card through your phone, your mobile phone is your wallet.

In this article, you will find out why Google Pay is so useful and important to use on your Android device.

Also, you will see why this is important for M-Commerce.

Android Pay and Google Wallet are being phased out in favor of a new Google application.

Google Pay, Google’s first streamlined payment solution that integrates Google Wallet and Android Pay, is officially available today with a new version of Android.

The application is divided into two sections: a “Home” tab which displays recent payment behavior, offers and local stores nearby, as well as other information in a card-like interface, and a “Cards” tab which contains all of your individual credits and debits. , loyalty cards and gift cards.

Google has huge expectations for Google Pay, announcing that the feature will be included in all Google apps, including Chrome and Assistant. And, like Android Pay before it, you’ll be able to use Google Pay cards and payment records in a number of apps and websites while using an Android or Chrome smartphone. Google Pay would also work for buses in cities such as Kiev, London, and Portland, although this depends heavily on where you live and the state of public transport in your city.

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Google is now focusing on integrating Google Wallet’s Venmo-like service directly into the Google Pay app for the US and UK markets. For now, Google has renamed the Google Wallet app Google Pay Send and revised the interface to adapt it to the majority of Google Pay.

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Google Pay for Android and how to send it.

Google Pay started out as a simple payment app, easy for users to pay at the grocery store checkout, shop remotely, and instantly transfer money to family and friends. However, in November 2020, the system will undergo a major overhaul, giving users more options to control their assets.

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What exactly is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital payment and money transfer service compatible with Android and others. Users can attach their electronic payments, as well as their bank accounts, to purchase at checkout (both in or virtual) and transfer money to others using the app.

Plus, all consumers can use Google Pay to monitor their purchases, earn cash back rewards, and finally open a new bank account.

Google Pay now has four major advantages: Pay, Explore, Insights, and the Google Plex launched fairly quickly.

Google Pay includes support for 24 new banks in 23 countries - US Times Now

Make a payment

This is Google Pay’s mobile wallet, which offers secure transfers while using digital bank details while performing in-person cashless transactions and online purchases. The software covers your actual account number using simulated one-time card numbers (also called “tokens”). You will be able to see a history of your tap-to-pay payments when you use the service.

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You can also use Google Pay to transfer money to friends and relatives and share bills with others, showing who you do the most frequent transactions with.

Finally, Google Pay can be used to order meals at over 100,000 restaurants, refuel at over 30,000 gas stations, and pay for parking at over 400 locations.

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To explore

Google works with companies like Burger King, Etsy, REI, and Target to bring you cash backs, discounts, and other benefits. You can also connect your loyalty card accounts to save money when you leave.

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Google’s Insights feature is responsible for turning a simple mobile wallet into a money management tool. Connecting your bank and credit card accounts allows you to monitor your funds and better understand your spending habits. You’ll also be able to see how much money you have versus what you’ve wasted, as well as check any receipts you’ve photographed or received through Gmail.

Do more with Google Pay

Google plex

This year, Google will sell its own bank account called “Google Plex” to 11 banks and credit unions. The account has no service or overdraft fees and allows you to access your money using the Google Pay app. You will access the waitlist for an account with one of the two top 11 lenders from January 2021: Stanford Federal Credit Union and Citi.

Google is getting into banking - again, if you count the failure of Google Wallet

How do you let Google Pay?

Signing up for Google Pay is the same as for Android and non-Android apps. Start by installing the app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

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Register and Login

Then sign up with your Gmail account or create a new one if you don’t already have one. After that, you will enter your mobile number and Google will send you a code to validate it. When you’ve already verified your recordings, the app prompts you to choose different security settings, which you can change at any time.

You can, for example, continue to encourage other app users to verify for you in the app using your username or contact details, so that you can choose whether you want to earn money and promotions.

How to sign up for Google Pay (GPay) - YouTube

Customize your options

Finally, you can enable the personalization option, which tracks your behavior to personalize your user interface for convenience. If you are not sure, you should request a notification in 3 months or just leave it turned off.

Remember that your Google Pay account is linked to your Gmail account. If you previously added payment information to this profile, it will appear in the Google Pay app. Alternatively, you can introduce new payment options by going to the Insight tab and then selecting “Show all accounts”.

The fine print of the `` opt-in '' Google Pay app gives the right to more spying

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