Sony Xperia Pro I

Sony Xperia Pro I

Sony has announced a new flagship smartphone for camera enthusiasts. The Sony Xperia Pro-I contains a triple rear camera with a 1 inch main sensor.

Sony Xperia Pro I

Sony Xperia Pro-I is the first smartphone with a 1 inch PDAF camera sensor and priced at $ 1800 |

Sony Xperia ProI debuts with great main camera and price that matches Sony expert

in making compact but powerful mirrorless cameras, and that’s not bad when it comes to making smartphones too. both in one device, right? This is apparently the company’s new Xperia ProI.

The Sony Xperia ProI is not a direct successor to the original Xperia Pro, released earlier this year. Rather than taking an HDMI output that few seem to use, the Xperia ProI comes with a 1-inch main camera sensor that towers over the phone. Back plate. It sits behind a 24mm lens that can shoot at f / 2.0 and f / 4.0. It’s by no means the first 1-inch camera phone we’ve seen in the wild, but it might be more accessible to most than the Sharp Aquos R6. or Leicas Leitz Phone 1

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Sony claims a long list of advantages even with such a large sensor: less noise in low light, more bokeh, an autofocus that covers “90% of the frame” and a roller shutter effect removed during recording. of objects While watching videos, the Sony Xperia Pro 4K can record at 120 frames per second with HDR and uses optical image stabilization at all times. There’s also a vlogger mode, featuring object tracking at up to 120 fps in 4K and eye focus intelligence in video modes. Sony is also pushing on a shooting accessory and a vlogging monitor (see below).

In addition to the main sensor, Sony has added two additional sensors to the Xperia ProI. A 12MP 1 / 2.9-inch sensor sits behind a 50mm f / 2.4 lens for portraits, while an additional 12MP 1 / 2.5-inch sensor with a 16mm f / 2.2 lens is used for ultra wide angle shots. Notably, there’s no long-range telecamera here, which might be a disappointing omission for some. An 8-megapixel selfie camera is housed in the top panel on the front.

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Sony Xperia Prov specifications

In terms of basic specs, the Sony Xperia Prov is mostly based on the Xperia 1 III. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of UFS storage is used as the base. Plus, DualSIM slots with a shared microSD card slot and a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack.

The famous 6.5-inch 4K OLED display with 3840 x 1644 resolution is located on the front. Along with the 120Hz refresh rate comes a 240Hz touch sample rate and 100% DCIP3 area. MAh battery which charges at 30W via USBC.

Other niceties are Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, a side fingerprint sensor, NFC, a dedicated camera trigger, a camera strap attachment buckle, and Gorilla Glass Victus, which sprawl across the screen. Full stage stereo speakers are also compatible with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format.

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Sony Xperia Pro I price and availability
While Sony’s previous Pro smartphone contained important features that only a small portion of the population used, its real problem was the price: $ 2,500 was too expensive for the Influence market. Sony apparently learned from its mistakes this time around.

The Sony Xperia ProI is much more accessible but still expensive. It will cost around $ 1,800 in the United States. That’s still a dime for a smartphone and it’s good in the foldable area. Pre-orders begin October 28, while shipments begin December.

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