Best Free Anti-hacker software for Windows 10

Free Anti-hacker software for Windows 10

Offline or online, there is always a threat of data theft. As online transactions and dependencies increase, you must have software that can protect your data. In this article, we will share a list of the best free anti-piracy software for Windows 10.

Free anti-piracy software for Windows 10

Understand one thing: there is no anti-piracy software. However, using these free software can help protect your computer from hackers, and can therefore be loosely called anti-hacking software:

  1. Windows and OneDrive security
  2. Ghostpress
  3. Anti-hacker
  4. Detekt: Open source anti-surveillance software
  5. Network security tools.

1) Windows Security and OneDrive

The internal security software of Windows offers excellent features. You do not need an antivirus or a third-party security solution. He offers:

  • SmartScreen for Apps, Edge (for malicious sites and downloads), and Microsoft Store apps
  • Exploit Protection offers CFG, Data Execution Protection for the system and applications.
  • Ransomware protection protects your files from locking. It can restore files locked by Ransomware. One Drive is commonly used to recover data.
  • Controlled folder access ensures that unwanted applications do not have access to files and folders without your permission.
  • Device Guard limits the loading of unauthenticated, unsigned, unauthorized programs and the operating system.
  • Credential Guard available only in Windows 10 Enterprise Edition and devices that support secure boot and 64-bit virtualization. It provides protection against direct hacking attempts and malicious programs seeking identification information.

2) Ghostpress


Keyboard recording is an ancient technique used by software to capture all your keystrokes, then organize them to determine the user name, password, credit card details, etc. . For this reason, many online websites, including Banks, offer a virtual keyboard to bypass such software.

Ghostpress is one of the free anti-keylogger software that masks and manipulates all your love-level strikes so that the software can not get the correct data. It includes a security measure that prevents any attack. To make sure the software is not removed in the background, it offers Protection process so that no one other than the administrator can stop the Ghostpress process.

You can choose to protect a particular window or enable protection at the system level. It also offers protection against the delay to fraudulent typing style.

Lily: Tips to keep hackers out of your Windows computer.

3) Anti-piracy software

anti-piracy software

Anti-Hacker automatically disables 'Run as administrator' in lower user accounts to reduce security threats. It can also configure the user account control on its highest settings. This will ensure that there is no unauthorized access to anything, but at the cost of many UAC incentives. The software also offers a virtual keyboard, firewall checks, and more.

4) Detekt: Open source anti-surveillance software

Detekt: open source anti-surveillance software

Detekt scans your Windows computer for traces of FinFisher and Hacking Team RCS and commercial surveillance spyware. Spyware is a computer application that usually runs in an unidentified manner. It collects data from your computer and sends it to the source. Detekt is anti-piracy software that performs a deep scan of system files to determine which applications are needed.

5) Network Security Tools

If you are a network administrator, we have two recommendations for resolving security vulnerabilities in the system. It is very important to manage a computer network.

Aircrack-ng provides tools to assess the security of the Wi-Fi network.

  • It can capture packets and export data for later analysis.
  • It can replay attacks, false access points, etc. via the injection of packets. Useful for evaluating the security of your network.
  • Verifies the capabilities of WiFi cards and drivers (capture and injection)
  • WEP Crack and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2) that will give you a good idea of ​​router security.

If you wish to better visualize the Aircrack data, we recommend that you install Airodump-ng analysis viewer (by Pentester Academy). It allows to filter, sort and visualize the digitized data Airodump-NG. The parser uses the CSV file generated by Airodump-ng with the -w option. It can work locally or as a hosted service.

nmap is a network exploration tool

This network monitoring tool can scan ports and other checkpoints. It brings together the utility of diff, the instrument for generating and analyzing packages, and so on. Network administrators use it for network discovery and security auditing.

  • Find out which hosts are available on the network
  • Discovery Services (name and version of application) offered by these hosts
  • Host operating systems (and operating system versions)
  • Type of packet filters / firewall used, and more

Nmap is a powerful utility designed to analyze large networks. In a business, the number of servers is high and their systems are evenly distributed according to the needs of the company. This turns out convenient for such an extensive network. However, you can also use it for unique hosts.

Both tools are free, open source software, and work across multiple platforms.

POINT: Packet detection tools can be used effectively to diagnose and solve network problems.

Worried that your activities are being monitored by someone else? You may want to turn off your webcam or turn off your microphone.

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