Best free Landscape Design software to design an amazing backyard

Free Landscape Design software for Windows 10DreamPlan Home Design Software

Landscaping basically refers to the planning and design of your garden, lawn or garden. Most people in first world countries living in a detached house would mostly have a lawn. If you want to design a plan for this, please check out this list of the best free landscape design software.

Free landscape design software for Windows 10

Usually landscaping software is aimed at professionals and businesses and it comes at a high price. However, you may prefer to use free landscape design software if your goal is simply to design your own backyard. These tools are perfect for those who are eager to return the properties.

  1. The viewer
  2. My garden by Gardena
  3. SketchUp
  4. DreamPlan Home Design Software
  5. Plan-A-Garden by BHG

Here is the list of the best free landscaping software:

1] The viewer is essentially a website for selling and renovating properties. In the United States, and perhaps in many other First World countries, flipping property is very popular. Before returning the property, sellers prefer to renovate their property. Thus, uses a Visualizer application which is a separate section of the website to download the photo of your property and design it. You can do the same for your garden. Check more on this on the website here.

2]My garden by Gardena


Gardena is a home gardening website specifically for the sale of gardening equipment. However, those who intend to buy equipment would prefer to prepare a plan for their garden in advance. Although common practice is to take notes for arrangements on a sheet of paper, Gardena’s My Garden software would make it easier to design your landscapes. The software can be downloaded from here.



The SketchUp application can help 3D modeling of architectural structures, including landscapes. Although the desktop application is chargeable, the web version is free for personal use. Although the functions are limited in the free version, it is more than enough to design your garden. You can create the model as a 3D design and print it on paper. Learn more about this application on its official website here.

4]DreamPlan Home Design Software

Free landscape design software for Windows 10

DreamPlan Home Design software makes designing your home fun and easy. Although it can be used to design every room and every area of ​​your home, the software is even better for landscaping. Although a bit caricatured, the DreamPlan Home Design Software is perfect for amateurs. Learn more about this software on the Microsoft Store here.

5]Plan-A-Garden by BHG

Plan-A-Garden by BHG

The Better Homes & Garden BHG is a great website for learning about garden design. He does not teach the technical part but the aesthetic part of the design. Plan-A-Garden is a free application that can be downloaded from the BHG website. You can use the drag and drop function of the app to check what the plants and patterns would look like in your garden. Learn more about the software on the official website here.

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Free Landscape Design Software for Windows 10 DreamPlan Home Design Software

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