How to delete Chrome address bar suggestions with the mouse

How to delete Chrome address bar suggestions with the mouse

The term address bar in Google Chrome refers to the Omnibox. you may have noticed that every time you type something in the Omnibox, Google Chrome starts showing suggestions. These suggestions are a query function that appears in the drop-down list and helps you find the search in the shortcut. It is essentially derived from your web browsing history, your search engine and the bookmarks saved on your device. By using this important feature, you can easily access the web page that you open regularly.

However, there are times when you need to remove any particular suggestion displayed by the Chrome browser. In such a case, it would become quite difficult to delete them. To do this, read this article and you will discover an easy way to remove the suggestions from the Chrome address bar using your mouse.

Remove suggestions from Chrome address bar with mouse

To remove the suggestion from the address bar in Chrome, follow the suggestions below:

First open the Chrome browser.

Go to the address bar and enter the following code:


Once you’re on the Google Chrome Flags page, you may notice an available search box at the top of the screen.

Using the search field, search for an indicator with the following name:

Omnibox Suggestion Transparency Options

Alternatively, you can use the given text code to directly open the flag:


Look for the flag highlighted in bright yellow that stays at the top of the list, i.e. Omnibox suggestion transparency options.

This flag has the following description:

Makes an X button appear next to the omnibox removal suggestions. This is to make the suggestion removal functionality more detectable. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

This flag is currently set to Default fashion. This indicates that the flag is off at this time. So, to activate it, click on the respective drop-down menu, then switch the default option to Activated.

And finally, to apply the changes, click on the Revive button.

Remove suggestions from Chrome address bar

That’s it. Omnibox suggestion transparency options are now properly enabled in your Google Chrome browser.

When the browser restarts, type something in the address bar.

If you hover your mouse pointer over the suggestion, you’ll notice that a tiny cross icon appears near it. To delete / delete this suggestion, simply click on the cross icon.

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How to remove suggestions from Chrome address bar with mouse

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