Best Kids movies on Netflix

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It is not easy to make films for children. They must be written with sensitivity, must have a moral or lesson, an element of kindness or innocence is a must, but they must relate to the life of the ordinary child or adolescent. If you’re looking for the best kids movies on Netflix, see this article.

Best Children’s Movies on Netflix

Netflix distributed many children’s movies because they knew the size of the market. On the contrary, if you switch to the “Kids” account on Netflix, the list is full of Netflix Original shows and series for kids. Here is the list of the best kids movies on Netflix:

  1. Boss Baby: Back to business
  2. The worst witch
  3. MewTwo strikes back
  4. Pup Academy
  5. Greenhouse Academy
  6. Alexa and Katie
  7. A series of unfortunate events
  8. The Willoughbys
  9. Our planet
  10. The InBESTigators.

1]Boss Baby: Back to business

Boss Baby: Back In Business is part of the popular Boss baby series. In this film, a child assumes the character of Boss Baby, the head of Baby Corporation. Boss baby tried to manage his family life and his difficult affairs with his older brother Tim who doubles as an accomplice. Tim leaves his little brother to start his own business and that’s where the drama begins.

2]The worst witch

The worst witch

Maybe people could call him the poor man’s Harry Potter, but the worst witch is a truly unique film with an element of comedy, and obviously with a female main character. Little Mildred Hubble lives a humble life with her mother Juliet until Maud Spellbody enters their lives. Mildred is then enrolled at Cackle’s Academy, a mountain-top school for witches. However, the girl turns out to be a bad student and her spells most often fail.

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3]MewTwo strikes back

MewTwo strikes back

Mew was an incredible Pokémon and Dr. Fuji tried to create his clone named MewTwo. This super powerful Pokémon is supposed to be invincible, however, the experience remains dormant for years until MewTwo comes to life. MewTwo is furious to realize that he is only a clone of Mew and has no meaning for the professor beyond that. MewTwo blows from the laboratory and kills all the scientists present. What will happen next?

4]Pup Academy

Pup Academy

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but we didn’t know they had a training academy to learn to be cute, cuddly, and loyal. Or maybe not, but we want it to exist. This is the basis of the concept of the Pup Academy. The film involves a school for fur animals to learn how to become a man’s best friend. They are enriching, marked and promoted as they master the necessary skills.

5]Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy has an interesting plot and things are changing so quickly that you will not be bored. Siblings Hayley and Alex Woods join the Greenhouse Academy after the death of their mother. The elite academy is known for creating future leaders, however, things are not as rosy on the ground. As children fight rivalry and experience romance, their world changes by uncovering the mystery of their mother’s death and a plot to destroy the world.

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6]Alexa and Katie

Alexa and Katie

Alexa and Katie is a Netflix Originals series for kids. The two friends Alexa and Katie are looking forward to having the best years of their lives by joining a high school. However, things change when Alexa is diagnosed with cancer. This strengthens the friendship between the two friends and they prepare for what is to come.

7]A series of unfortunate events

A series of unfortunate events

Violet, Klause and Sunny Baudelaire suffer a tragic loss when their house is consumed by fire and their parents are charred. Although they now have an extended heritage, the road to it is not an easy one. Orphans are sent to their evil uncle, Count Olaf, where they discover long-unknown family secrets. Will they survive the ordeal or would it be one battle after another?

8]The Willoughbys

Best Children's Movies on Netflix

As we progress across generations, the gap between consecutive generations continues to widen. Children still believe that they are smarter than their parents while clashing with their ideology. This is the case in the Willoughby family, except that the children here decide to go further by sending their parents on vacation while deciding to start their own family. Will this concept work or will it fail?

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9]Our planet

Our planet

Our planet is a film / documentary that every child should watch. Children are the future of the planet and they need to know what the planet is about. They should know the seas, the oceans, the mountains, the birds, the animals and everything that makes this Earth on which we live. It is then that we can expect them to sympathize with their environment and the environment in general. Help your children by suggesting they watch this wonderful documentary.

ten]The InBESTigators

The InBESTigators

You must have heard of child entrepreneurs running their startup from their basement, but the children’s team at The InBESTigators went further. The story is that Maudie, 10, starts an investigation agency in an apartment and her friends Ezra, Ava and Kyle join them. The following is a series of crimes, mysteries and achievements that solve them. Watch this incredible Netflix Originals series on their website.

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