Best ways to watch Netflix together online with friends remotely

Netflix is one of the many streaming platforms on the web that people are taking advantage of on a large scale due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People cannot get to work, so they will need entertainment time.

Watch Netflix together online with friends from a distance

The problem is how to enjoy Netflix with family and friends who are in a different place? This is the problem we hope to solve with this article. In fact, some of the options we will be discussing here, we are sure you have heard of them.

  1. Kast
  2. WhatsApp and Telegram
  3. Metastream
  4. Scener
  5. Netflix party.

Let’s talk about it in more detail.


When it comes to using Kast, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the best on the web for streaming Netflix with friends from a distance. It also supports other streaming platforms, so it’s a good touch.

Here it is, the tool is accessible to everyone for free for Windows 10 users. The download does not take long, so get it and continue. Also, if you don’t want to download anything, use Kast from your web browser.

We think the Windows 10 app makes more sense, but you’re free to make the best decisions.

Keep in mind that Kast is a little different from the others. In the evening, only one person can control the video. Parties can be private or public, and it works.

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Download Kast from official site.

2]WhatsApp and Telegram

Before we go ahead, we just want to emphasize that a simple messaging app may suffice. The main examples here are WhatsApp and Telegram, as they are among the most used. Now, using WhatsApp is better because it supports calls with more than two users. Telegram, at the moment, only supports two.

In addition, each one has a group function which can contain many people. WhatsApp supports a group of 256 people, while Telegram rises to 100,000. People just have to press play their Netflix video all at the same time and that’s it.


Because you probably use a web browser every day, we doubt that you will encounter many problems with Metastream as it is based on a web browser. There is no desktop app for it, so you have to figure it out.

The tool comes with a chatbox feature that works well with synchronization video playback for all parties involved. Not only that, it should be kept in mind that before going ahead, the extension for Chrome or Firefox must also be downloaded first.

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As usual, extensions designed for Google Chrome will work in Microsoft Edge, so give it a try.

Visit the official site.


The last tool on our list is Scener, and as expected, it does the same thing compared to the others. People can watch Netflix with family friends in a synchronized environment that everyone can enjoy. A chat room is provided to allow users to interact in real time if they wish.

Now keep in mind that when setting up a party, only the user with the primary Netflix profile can do so. In addition, the rooms cannot support up to 10 people at the same time, while only the administrator can pause and play videos.

Scener is only available via the Chrome Web Storetherefore, Microsoft Edge is also supported. If you have Android and iOS, you can find Scener in your respective app store.

5]Netflix party

Netflix Party extension for Chrome browser

Surely you have already heard of Netflix Party because it is so popular among Netflix subscribers. You will need to have Google Chrome for this one, as it is an exclusive extension to the Chrome Web Store. This means that if you are using Microsoft Edge, it is also possible to use it.

There is also an unofficial Netflix Party add-on for Firefox if you prefer not to use Chrome.

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OK, so with Netflix Party installed in Chrome, people can easily watch videos on the platform with friends who also use the extension. The tool will synchronize reading with everyone involved, giving the impression that everyone is sitting in the same room.

Users will be happy to know that there is a chat section, and not only that, but if a member presses the pause button, the video stops for everyone.

Now, there aren’t a lot of downsides to Netflix Party, so if you’re interested, then go ahead and have fun.

Which do you prefer?

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