1152: Error extracting files to the temporary location

1152 Error extracting files

When you extract the contents of a file or when an installation is in progress, the extraction of its files to a temporary location fails. This publication can help you. Sometimes, in a situation like this, you may receive an error saying: 1152, Error while fetching files to temporary location. The extraction will fail in the end. In this article, we will offer solutions to solve the problem.

1152: Error while fetching files to temporary location

1152, Error while extracting files to temporary location This error usually occurs if there are "incorrect" temporary files from previously failed installations. Clean this folder and try again is the way to go. This means that if you check out a file in the same folder again, this may be causing the problem or if the corrupted file in the temporary Windows folder is the problem. What you can do is:

  1. Delete the extraction folder or use another location
  2. Clean Windows temporary folder
  3. Check the permission of the file
  4. Clean up the boot for the program installation failures.

When you perform these steps, make sure that you have administrator privileges.

1) Clean Windows temporary folder

Windows offers an integrated tool for clear temporary storage. You can use it to erase any incorrect or corrupted files that may prevent the extraction of these files. Any installer can use the Windows Temp folder so that you find many files in that location. Storage Sense cleans other folders with a temporary folder, but you can choose to end which one to delete.

Go to Settings> System> Storage> Configure Storage Sense or run it now. If you use little storage space, this tool will also fix this problem.

It is possible to delete everything directly in the Windows Temp folder, but if any of the files is locked, it will not be deleted. Storage or Disk Meaning Clean a tool or other unwanted file cleanup application, and make sure to replace this problem.

2) Delete the extraction folder or use another location

If you extract a zip file to another folder and receive the same error, it is best to delete everything it contains. Sometimes, if the previous installation was not completed, it could lead to corruption. You can also use a different location to extract files and see if it works.

If there is a slight chance that the location of temporary files already has a bad copy of a previous installation, then it is better to download the program again and try it.

1) Check the permission of the file

1152 Error while extracting files

When you temporarily lose permission to access a folder, you can not extract files from it. If, for any reason, you have lost the permission of the folder in which you are extracting, this fails. So here's what you should do:

  • Right click on the folder> properties
  • Switch to the Security taband check if you are listed in the user group. Select your user name and check if you are allowed to read, write and execute.
  • Click the Edit button, and we suggest delete all permissions, then add them. This will ensure you have the proper permission at the end.

Once done, manually copy the files to this folder and delete them to see if it works.

4) Clean up the boot for the program installation failures

If all else fails, the last solution is to use Clean Boat. If there is anything other than storage space or corrupted temporary files causing the problem, the problem will be corrected here.

Clean up the boot for the program installation failures

Perform a clean boot, and then extract or install the file. The clean boot does not allow third-party process startup, which can help. Make sure to hide all Microsoft services when you configure clean boot.

We hope that one of these tips was able to solve your problem. Error while extracting files problem, and they were easy to follow.

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