Blogger SEO Tips And Tricks 2015

Blogger SEO Tips And Tricks 2021
This post is very important because in this post we are going to discuss about SEO Tips and Tricks in 2020.We have to focus on SEO Tips and Tricks 2021 because concept of SEO changed in 2020.Without doing proper SEO your website can’t rank in Google and you can’t able to get traffic to your blog.SEO is very difficult to understand because in the field of SEO small things matters a lot.That’s why you have to learn SEO Tips and Tricks that may be helped you in the future.

SEO Tips And Tricks 2021

Proper Keywords Research

Keywords Research always helps you to rank your post.Your blog post easily rank if you are doing proper keywords research in your blog post’s Title,Content,URL,Alt Tag,Meta Description you have to add couple of keywords after keywords research.You can easily keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest.I personally used these tools for keywords research and this helps me a lot to rank my blog post.Add long tail keywords in your blog post content because Google loves Long Tail Keywords.Try to target low competition keywords with high searches in your post content.

Mobile Friendly Template

Many people choose templates which are not mobile friendly and this is a big mistake and also matters a lot in SEO.That’s why always add a template which is both SEO and Mobile Friendly.Mobile is used by every person and by using mobile friendly template in your blog you will definitely get mobile visitors and in this way your blog traffic increase day by day.

Always Write Unique Content

If you wanted to earn money using your blog and increase your blog rank so unique content is must because without unique content your blog is nothing.Always write unique content this helps you in approving your Google Adsense Account.Share your experience with your blog visitors.Unique and fresh content is always king and don’t try to copy other blogs content otherwise you will banned by Google.Because when you receive too many DMCA complaints in your blog your blog will be removed by Google.

Post Permalink

Post URL always plays a great role in SEO.When we create a post our blog post URL generate automatically which is not SEO friendly.That’s why we have to add a custom URL by using an option named Permalink which is used to add our custom post URL.Add keywords in your blog post URL related to your post this will help you to rank your post.

Fast Loading

SEO gave huge importance of that sites which have fast loading template.SEO easily crawl a site which has fast loading.Fast loading sites easily open in low connection of internet.If you wanted to make your blog fast loading so remove all the unnecessary widgets and coding from your templates.


Above i provided SEO Tips and Tricks which helps you to increase your blog rank.If you like this post so don’t forget to share it with your friends.And if you have any question regarding to this post feel free to ask your questions.

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