Boostnote is a free Code Editor and Note taking software for Windows 10

If you are learning basic coding languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, etc., you may need a publisher that can display the side-by-side preview. Boostnote is a free open-source note-taking software that you can use as a text editor to edit and save codes. Let's see the features of this free software.

Boostnote Code Editor for Windows

Boostnote comes with some nice features, which are mentioned below-

  • Save the code to check the live preview: This is the main function of this software.
  • Management of notes: If you frequently create notes, you may need a tool or an option to organize your notes. If so, you can use the built-in Boostnote option. It allows users to add tags so you can categorize them according to your needs. You can also add a star to your note if you want to save something important.
  • Change storage: By default, Boostnote saves all notes in the "Boostnote" folder of your user account. However, if you want to change it, you can do it too.
  • Save in different formats: You can export a note or code in a variety of formats, including MD, TXT, HTML, PDF, and more. It is also possible to print a note directly from this software.
  • Change interface: By default, it comes with a basic user interface. However, if you do not like it, you can change it. In addition to the entire user interface, you can also edit the editor interface.
  • Download the code on the blog: If you have a blog with WordPress, you can download the code or note to your blog or website directly from this tool. Before that, you must go through a simple authentication process.
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There are other functions available in this utility. However, you must install it and use it to get used to it.

How to configure and use Boostnote

To start, you need to download this software from the official website and install it on your computer.

Now the process is simple because there is no complicated option. You can click on Make a note button or press Ctrl + N to create a new note.

After clicking on this button, you will find two options, namely: Markdown Note and Extract note. If you want to create a note of your document, your text or something like that, you can select the Markdown Note option. If you want to write codes, you have to go for the second option.

For your information, you can not export Snippet Note in different formats such as PDF, HTML, etc., while this specific option is available for Markdown Notes.

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How to export notes

It's easy enough and not too much time. If you have created a discount note and want to export it, you can click the button Information (i) button visible in the top right corner.

Then select the desired format. After that, you can choose a location and give it a name to save the file.

Boostnote settings

The Settings panel provides several options to customize this tool before using it. Some of the essential options are mentioned below.

  • Storage room: You can change the default save location for notes from this section.
  • Shortcut keys: If you want to increase your productivity, you need to know the keyboard shortcuts. To know everything, you can consult the page of keyboard shortcuts. Although it does not have many keyboard shortcuts, you can perform daily tasks with them. The best thing to do is to change them according to your desired shortcut keys.
  • Interface: From there, you can change the default user interface of this tool. You must choose an option from the list Interface theme drop down menu. If you want to change the color scheme of the code editor, you can view the Editor label, and make changes accordingly. This page offers some additional options. You can customize tags, enable smart table editor, handle matching character pairs, font (size, font family, code block), and so on.
  • blog: If you want to save or upload your notes to your website, you can fill out this form here. As mentioned before, it must be a WordPress website. You can visit the blog tab, enter the address of your website, choose USER of Authentication method In the drop-down menu, enter the user name and password to verify your account.
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Considering everything, Boostnote seems to be a useful tool for those who like to write codes and make related notes. If you wish, you can download it from official download page. For your information, you must enter your email address on their website to start the download process.

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